More – Simplifying A/B Testing

  • November 27, 2010

SumoOptimize.comSimply put, Sumo Optimize is an A/B testing tool that works on the browser, and which enables webmasters to use a visual editor in order to determine how their sites could be improved.

All the test elements can be put into place without needing to code anything. The whole application is incredibly intuitive. The test can be started and stopped as many times as you wish, and the ability to define multiple conversion goals just makes everything even more practical. So does being able to get test results in real time.

In this way, the overall usability of websites can be tested and all the changes that ought to be implemented can be determined faster, and certainly more accurately.

You can try Sumo Optimize for free, and there are four paid plans to choose from when you want to take testing to a higher level. The most expensive plan (the one that is named Ultimate) will actually let you run as many simultaneous tests as you want, and subject as much as 100,000 visitors to them.

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