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  • April 28, 2009

IsThisYourLuggage.comIn case you are a frequent traveler you already know that it is very annoying to lose you luggage. Let’s say that you went to another country and you have some presents to give but you lose you luggage…chances are you will get it back within a week.

Although this is one of the most common events in relation to luggage mislay, there are people that do not claim their lost luggage. After that, the airlines usually auction them for charity.

This site was created by a person with a peculiar passion. This site’s creator gets these luggages and then takes pictures of them. Yes, believe it or not, this person enjoys from taking pictures of whatever it is inside this luggage.

Some people could consider this hobby as a way to express their artistic potential. However, many other people may think that this is some kind of perversion. Both things could be real, but the truth is that due to the fact that this site’s creator takes very clear and high quality pictures of the luggage you have a good chance to find your lost suitcases.

In case you want to recover your lost luggage, this could be an interesting opportunity for you to accomplish that goal.

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