More – Collect Anonymous Feedback

  • June 6, 2011

SuggestionOx.comThe one and only way in which you are getting honest feedback from your employees is by providing them with an anonymous platform for expressing how they feel. There are things nobody says face to face, much less to the person who is paying his wages. And that is damaging in more senses than one, as anything that had the right to be expressed and that has remained unsaid will end up feeding pure discontent. Knowing as much, someone devised this new application. It is named Suggestion Ox, and it can be used by any employer who wants to know the way his subordinates are feeling. This is accomplished by letting them deploy a suggestion box through which employees can provide their own insight and feedback anonymously.

And this service is all the more convenient since it works on the browser, and there is no software to download or install. Not to mention that a suggestion box can be created at just no cost – it is all a matter of filling out the provided form.

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