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  • June 6, 2008 is the site C&H Cane Sugar Company, which produces cane sugar and molasses for a vast U.

S. market; the Crockett refinery processes over seven-hundred thousand tons of cane sugar annually, more than seventy types, grades and package sizes, including packaged consumer sugars as well as packaged, liquid and bulk granulated industrial-use can sugars. There are seven varieties of sugar, which you can learn all about within this site, such as the white granulated, baker’s sugar, golden brown, dark brown, powdered, superfine and washed raw, which by selecting any of them, you will be able to learn fully about each one of them. There is a Tips and Tools section, where you will find General Baking tips, such as cookie secrets, brownie secrets, cake secrets, muffin secrets and substitutions and measurements information; within the Beyond the Basic section, you will find information about frostings, meringue, pies and tarts, and canning, in other words, storing up sunshine.

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