More – Automate Your Job Search

  • May 4, 2011

Megapply.comI am sure that if given half the chance few people would not go for a service which basically automates job hunting, and that lets them submit their resumes just once to have them matched with suitable positions as they surface. Well, that is precisely what Megapply does.

Megapply is a company that takes care of job searching processes for people. In exchange for a fair fee, the company receives resumes and has them matched with positions that are suitable for the corresponding skill sets. Not only that, the company can take care of submitting applications to such positions for its clients.

This should put an end to these long afternoons trying to come up with professional-sounding cover letters and formatting the resume to look striking and inviting to HR men that have mostly seen it all already.

Both the application submission and the resume posting services provided by Megapply are paid services, but accounts can be created for free.

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More – Quickly Accessing Digg Submissions

  • June 29, 2009

Sub.DiggerPlus.comDigg is a world of its own, or rather, it captures the world we know in its own way. Any person can submit whatever he wants and deems as worthwhile for everybody to ponder upon and act in consequence.

As any other social phenomenon of late, the one concern for many of us might simply be keeping track of what is noteworthy and avoid reading item after item that has no importance to us.

Sub Digger is there to help us out of that conundrum. In principle, it acts as a tool empowering you to see what your friends have been busy posting recently, and also to filter and arrange the posted items by topic and column title.

The submissions of your friends are presented to you in real-time. Whenever you are seeing the name of a submitter, you are likewise presented with his or her avatar. Further options include the ability to label stories as “read” and “unread” intuitively, whereas stories can be browsed through using a provided button that streamlines everything.

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More – Search Engine Optimization

  • June 10, 2008

Isubmit.comDo you have a website but it doesn’t rank in Google? Would you like to learn more about search engine optimization? If that is so, could be a good option for you to consider. On this site you will be informed about SEO services designed to help you get your website ranked in the first places on Google searches.

Keep in mind in case you are interested in hiring SEO services. This company offers a free trial of SEO services to let you know how useful they are. You can get all the details related to search engine optimization and keyword tools. If you want to get your site listed at the top of Google searches, could be of help.

Are you interested in getting your site ranked in the first places on Google searches? Do you want to get more visitors? Feel free to stop by and check their SEO services.

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More – The Online Home of New Fiction

  • March 1, 2008

Pulp.netIf you like reading and enjoy elegant prose, take a look at, an online magazine that presents book reviews and original fiction by some published authors and by some of the site readers as well, who actually get paid for their submissions.

A new edition of the magazine appears every couple of months, so you’ll need to check back every once in a while or register to receive the email alerts when new stuff is posted in the site. Users of will find updated news of the UK literary scene, including an events calendar featuring lectures, readings and presentations, plus news and calls for submissions, workshops and grants. An interesting bit about the site is that since it is free, all of the archives are available for you to check out a very nice selection of fresh fiction from unknown or little-known authors whose tracks you should better follow.

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More – Web Engine Directory

  • November 27, 2007

WebEngineDirectory.comWeb Engine Directory is an automated approval system that gives a free service for all viewers. Indexing is not a question or an issue, with this directory as all major search engines crawl each link with a follow attribute to provide each site to be indexed.

Submitting your site to Web Engine Directory gives you a chance to get a higher visibility on the web. They’re providing free automated submissions in which are approved automatically. Their indexing is new, but they’re averaging over 300+ hits a day from search queries and submissions are around 30-40 since November 19th of this year since we launched.

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More – Stupid Name. Cool Vectors

  • May 25, 2007

Vecteezy.comAre you searching for information on Dominican Republic areas? If that is so, feel free to visit This website provides full information about the Dominican Republic, including its attractions, events and weather specifications. So, if you have been looking for Dominican Republic sites, make sure to visit this one.

With you will have the chance to learn about different Dominican Republic areas. The site provides information on the Dominican Republic weather, events and attractions. Moreover, you will also find data on hotels and museums, as well as beaches, churches and shopping centers.

In case you are planning to travel to The Dominican Republic, you can try visiting This website counts with all the information you need if you want to visit this country. From hotels and car rentals, to hospitals and churches, this site features useful information and locations. Remember this site next time you think of Dominican Republic sites.

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