More – Sublet Your Apartment

  • September 14, 2011

iCircl.comIf you’re a student, finding a sublet or a subletter can turn into a never-ending struggle. It’s not that you’ll have trouble actually finding people who are interested in what you have to offer (or who could offer you what you’re after). No, the problem arises from knowing who is to trust, and who is not. And that’s the problem this new startup intends to solve. Named iCircl, it lets people who are in your very same position be matched with nothing but individuals who are truthful.

This is accomplished by letting only people who belong to top school programs sign up for the site. They must use their e-mail addresses in order to do so, and (as a result) there’s no fooling the system into thinking one is attending a school he is not.

So, users of iCircl always are who they claim they are. They can sign up for the service at zero cost, and they can become either hosts or guests. And communications with other students are handled using a safe messaging platform that makes for getting in touch and discussing one’s needs to the very last detail.

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More – Rent Vacation Homes

  • August 18, 2011

CrashMyPad.comAn alternative marketplace for accommodation, CrashMyPad lets people from all over the world rent their vacation properties (or even spare rooms) and earn some extra cash in the process. And people who are looking for a place to stay while they are traveling abroad will not only get that – they will actually be put in a position where they might as well end up making a new friend or two. CrashMyPad clearly emphasizes the human side of rental processes, and that can but make for a more pleasurable experience for just everybody.

Of course, there are people who might be averse to resorting to a service like this one after the recent Airbnb fiasco. Personally, I think such incidents (there were two of them) are the exception which prove a system in which accommodation is offered by locals works more than well. If you agree with that (and I think most sensible people would do) then you can sign up for a Crash My Pad account, and either list what you want to rent or enter a destination that you are eager to visit in order to see what others have already listed.

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