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How To Make Your Content So Valuable, It Goes Viral

How To Make Your Content So Valuable,
It Goes Viral

To have something go viral and cut through all the nonsense that’s overflowing on the Internet these days, it must be interesting and shareable – i.e., a linkable asset. But how do you create such valuable content? Investing in your content is essential to create a community of engaged followers. Harness your…

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12 Ways To Hone Your Email Marketing Strategy

12 Ways To Hone Your Email Marketing Strategy

Too many businesses fill their newsletters with nothing but regurgitated blog content and entreaties to buy. Ask yourself how you can use your email campaign to provide added value to your clients, at no extra cost. When they’re shown you have something of value to share, they’ll be more willing to pay for…

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What would Twitter look like if you could curate the content that you follow from other users? Would that lower the noise all the way to zero? Would that turn Twitter into a more productive platform? Well, all these questions (and more) are answered by this new platform. Subjot is a new micro-messaging application that lets users see only specific updates from the people they are following. This is done by seeing a list with all the...

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With Facebook defenses being dinted by the mega-successful release of Google Plus, it’s only obvious that we’ll see a good couple of new social services that jump on the “let’s-hit-the-big-boy-while-it-is-vulnerable” bandwagon. That can’t be helped. And while most of these sites are unremarkable and add nothing new, one also comes across the odd site that speaks of originality. That’s the case...

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A dynamic online learning platform, BenchPrep is here to revolutionize the way in which students apprehend knowledge and share what they have learned. Available both as a web service and as a mobile application (iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle are all supported), BenchPrep enables users to study on their device of choice while they immerse themselves in an interactive and personalized game-like environment. BenchPrep has partnered...

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