More – End your RSS worries right now

  • August 28, 2007

Feedfire.comFor Internet junkies and those with their own company or site, RSS feeds are a heaven sent way to be more productive and informed. However, creating your own RSS feed can be a headache with tons of code and technical lingo.

Now, anyone can launch an RSS feed with As long as you have a complete URL and web page, can organize all of the information and set up a fully functional RSS feed. Potential clients do not need any previous technological proficiency and will also avoid the pain of related programming. To register with all that is required is a name, full URL (including http:// format), email address, zip code, and telephone. Once registered, the client can view their feed and access their personal account freely. Clients can also choose a free feed which is a basic feed updated only every 24 hours and runs on other default settings, or clients can sponsor their feed and have more control over the content and other settings. Additionally, users can search’s database of RSS feeds that are conveniently organized in categories.

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