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  • February 7, 2010

Clashe.comAt its most basic level Clashe can be termed a community site that lets fashionistas, stylists and brands work as one and let consumers learn everything about the latest trends. The way it all works is quite spot on the ball, since stylists and independent professionals will have the chance to create something comparable to a blog for them to provide their own insight and advice as extensively as they want.

These personalized pages are referred to as “online lookbooks” on the website, and just anybody can have one to go around. Whether people take notice and start heeding what you have to say is an entirely different matter, of course. I guess it is just like blogging – onlookers quickly realize who is who, and the ones who are knowledgeable enough will single themselves out almost instantly.

Still, every single person that is into the world of fashion is more than likely to give this a look and a try. It will be only natural. After all, it is free and versatile. That is always a winning combination if you ask me.

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