More – Finding & Posting Designer Jobs Online

  • August 17, 2009

StyleApple.comStyleApple is a social network utility that has one concise aim, namely letting designers advertise what they do over the web. That is, designers can post their portfolios, and these are then weighed upon by the community and if a portfolio becomes popular enough it is promoted to the main page of the site.

There are actually several levels of popularity, and as the fan base of any user starts growing so does the chance of the portfolio being viewed and accessed by more people.

Obviously, such a system stands as a cost and time-effective way for designers the world over to give their work more exposure, and have increased chances of procuring not only new clients but also of landing a permanent job of its own if that is what they are looking for.

Furthermore, the site can be employed by companies that want to promote their designs. That is, the usage of the site is not privative to single individuals – company profiles can be created, and design jobs advertised easily on the site. Consequently, the website might turn out to act as a sort of centralized marketplace for the whole design industry.

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