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  • July 11, 2008

AmericanCheerLeader.comWhether you are a cheer leader already or you’d like to become one, you will find this site interesting. At americancheerleader.

com there is lots of tips and cool info about the cheer leaders. Plus, there is a cheer buzz in which you can read the news and be up to date with all the happenings. There is a whole section designated to contests if you want to have further information. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: subscribe, message boards, stunts, shop, Myspace, etc. In addition, there is a section named “coach’s handbook” where you will see the essential things you need to have for turning into a cheer leader; these things include fundraisers, cheer gyms, uniforms and campwear, cheer shoes, trophies and awards, etc. The stunts section features twisted sisters, head over heels, jump around, stretch your imagination, and Swedish stunts Louisiana Flair, among others.

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More – Get Paid to Be Humiliated

  • June 29, 2007

MonsterDare.comDo you dare? If you’re one to fancy JackAss or any number of its rip-offs, MonsterDare is right up your alley. This social dare site lets you wager cash on daring your friends to do ridiculous, bizarre and inanely stupid stunts.

Dares are conveniently categorized: there are challenging dares, silly ones, rated X dares, impossible dares, and romantic dares among others. To place your wager you’ll need a PayPal account; MonsterDare charges you 50p if you only deposit £5, nothing is charged for higher amounts. They also take 10% from winning dare funds to cover their own PayPal charges. Once you’ve taken up a dare, you cannot back out. If you complete the dare to everyone’s satisfaction, provided you have video or photo proof, you’ll get the money (it is however another 1.50 to take out any money). A sampling of dares include: ‘I dare you to flash your beautiful bum to me,” “I dare you to play with sharks!,” and “egg Cherie and Tony Blaire”. If anyone is willing to break an iPhone in public, they’ll get $100, plus the dare pot fund of £96.

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