More – Social Site For The TV And Film Industry

  • April 29, 2011

Famehog.comWe can term FameHog a social networking site that let below-the-line film and TV professionals interact among themselves, and show the world what they can do. Here, set designers, animators, makeup artists, sound engineers and even stuntmen are allowed to create a profile of their very own, and in addition to posting their resumes for all to see they can upload photos, audio tracks and videos of them doing their work.

They can also blog updates, and let prospective employers know what they have been up to as of late. If they have been taking courses to become even better professionals then they can let everybody know about such a fact here.

And if you are a filmmaker, you will be able to search for talent in multiple ways – name, role, resume, keyword, video… you will be able to do so for free during three months, too. If you decide to keep using the site after that time, then you will be given the option to go for a full, paid membership.

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