More – Discover Indie Tunes a New Way

  • July 18, 2008

StumbleAudio.comStumbleAudio is your new music discovery best friend. The site is like StumbleUpon, but for tunes.

Without ever having to sign up, you can check out over 2 million different tracks based on your genre of choice and the ratings you give each stumbled to song. What’s different about this site from other such popular sites as Pandora and Jango is that you can actually listen to each full track on an album in order without any extra leg work. If you want to look for a particular artist’s sound, they’ll provide you with a list of albums that sound similar to what you’ve entered. From there, you can stumble your way through the various search results, giving the thumbs up or down to each given track, helping to guide you right to the songs you are looking for. Once you’ve found a tune you want to hold onto, you can go to purchase that mp3 or album from one of the various sources they list with each of their various prices included to help you get the best deal. They also give you recommendations by artists you are less likely to know, instead of the typical pop stuff you could find easily on your own. If you do create a user account, StumbleAudio will save your preferences, and you’ll be sure to get to a tasty bit of sound much quicker the next time you visit.

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