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  • January 14, 2009 is site where users are allowed to be part of a social selling system.

By shopping any kind of product from anywhere on the internet, users can then show everybody what they just bought. The most important thing about this site is the fact that you do not necessarily have to buy products.

You can also post the name, pictures, and comments about any articles you think others would like and in that way all the community members can vote for it in order to know which are the most liked and disliked products.

Additionally, this is a good tool for everybody to compare prices and to know where the most convenient deals are. Since this site is not only about cloths or shoes, you can also rate products like sports equipment, financial products, computers and software, books, and anything you can imagine.

Stuffpit allows users to truly share the best prices for a product online from retailers large or small. After you register, you can create your own profile, as well a record of your favorite products and share with your friends, the same way you do by using Facebook, and other similar solutions.

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