More – Study With Your Mobile

  • February 26, 2011

StudyBoost.comWhat would you say if I told you that it is possible to study using text messages? I bet many would scoff at the concept. But those of you who did would have to change your minds after testing this new service.

StudyBoost is a mobile platform for students. The idea here is that they can use SMSes in order to refresh these concepts that they have some difficulty apprehending. They choose what they need help revising by creating batches of questions, and these will be sent their way at strategic times.

Plus, StudyBoost makes it easy for students who are attending the same classes to get in touch via instant messaging, and both share information and materials when they are on the go.

In conclusion, a platform like this one has got what it takes to let people build up stronger study habits. Like anything that is associated with mobile technology, StudyBoost is really flexible and adaptable. And its appeal is enhanced by the fact that accounts can be created absolutely for free.

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