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More – Online Mind Mapping Software

  • July 10, 2008

Wisdomap.comIt is an accepted fact that some people learn better and retain more information when they can view the concepts being studied in mind maps. WisdomMap allows anyone to create great visually appealing mind maps for better retention of information while also adding in an article section, where more in-depth information can be placed, and a resources area where relevant videos images, files and websites can be attached as well.

The end product is an uncluttered mind map in a one-pager format that will help people absorb more information and learn more effectively. Basic accounts, which allow you to make up to three WisdomMaps are free with registration, while an unlimited package will run you about $2 per month.

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More – The Return of the Flashcard

  • April 9, 2008

StudyEasy.orgFlash cards, far from being retro relicts of a past era, are making a wired comeback online via StudyEasy. This site is essentially a repository/flash card making tool which makes things really simple.

The interface is drab, but you definitely will not to be distracted from your studies. The premise is pretty easy, either make your own cards or search through cards already made. Cards can be imported and printed for use on the go. If you choose to study on site, you’ll be able to take advantage of the Leitner System of learning, in which the flash cards are assorted into groups according to how well you know each topic. If you miss a card, it goes back into the group and you’ll have to try it again later. StudyEasy will shuffle the cards allowing you to memorize both sides; or you can simply view both sides simultaneously as you would with normal notes. To access the site you do have to sign up first.

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More – What Facebook Used to Be

  • September 6, 2007 is what Facebook used to be, before it opened up to everyone and became a vaguely smarter version of Myspace.

At College entrance is limited to solely .edu email addresses. As such, this social network contains more than just conversation boards and party listings, it also has got a robust academic section where students can post class notes, rate profs, and create study guides. Students can also manage their schedules with the College calendar, which fully integrates with the academic events section. Other features all uni kids surely need include wake-up calls that go to real live phones, dating compatibility tests, classified ads and professor bios. The regular social network goodies—blogs, profiles, photos, groups and videos—are all there too.

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