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More – Connect With Groups At Your School

  • January 14, 2009

Regroup.comAs it is explained on the site “Regroup is information for students, by students”. This is a good definition, as Regroup enables any student to join an e-mail list for his year or class, as well as interacting through any of the features on offer.

The latter include file sharing and wiki editability along with other social mainstays.

For its part, the full list of groups includes not only class years and courses, but also dorms and groups of students bound together by common interests. In the event your dorm is not yet supported (bearing in mind that the service is quite new, that can be a possibility), you can be the pioneer who takes care of creating the group.

As it was to be expected, full Facebook integration is accounted for. That is particularly fit for two reasons: 1) It makes for instant accessibility and findability, and 2) Facebook was originally a network for students. It is suitable, then, that a social site such as Regroup (solely based on student interaction) can be integrated with Facebook.

In finishing, if you want to maximize your time as a student and immerse yourself in the social web, this site will empower you to do just so. Station your browser at in order to find out more.

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