More – Good Greenhouse Effect

  • June 11, 2008

AdvanceGreenhouses.comBefore Al Gore and his slides entered the scene, we used the word ‘greenhouse’ to refer to a kind of construction designed to host plants and provide an optimum growing environment from them. Visiting this site will not only allow you to remember that fact, but also take a look at the complete catalogue of greenhouses this company has to offer, which can fit rather diverse gardening budgets.

You can explore glass or polycarbonate houses with steel or aluminum structures for permanent or temporary use, to host your plants during the winter or the year round; confused with so many options? Take a look at the convenient selector tool, which will allow you to fill a form explaining which use you’ll be giving to your greenhouse and get the company to mail you what your recommended options are. is really a one-stop shop, because not only can you get the greenhouse in itself, but heating, misting or environment control equipment, and even benches where to place your pots.

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More – Comprehensive Database, Architure in Europe

  • December 20, 2007

MIMOA.euMIMOA which stands for My Modern Architecture, is an online architecture guide spanning Europe. As their manifesto details, there’s a whole lot of architectural gems to marvel at in Europe, both ancient and modern; therefore, MIMOA gives you synoptic, up to date, guides, reviews and opinions about architecture in one comprehensive database.

This is a site for all you amantes of architecture who pursue the arcane, the high modern and the sublimely obscure; no longer will you be left lost and clueless as to where the art lies. Contribute your favorite structures to MIMOA’s database. Add your own projects or just browse through the site’s catalogue. Map out routes for your next European journey or simply dream and ogle over the flying buttresses and Doric columns. Soon to come, customized architectural guides with photos, maps, and descriptions for you to print out for your next trip.

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