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More – Street Dance Comes To The iPhone

  • June 4, 2010 you are one of those that claim there is an inherent limit to the kind of information a smartphone could transmit, then I think you should definitely check this site out. It will let you get your hands on an iPhone app that will teach you nothing more and nothing less that how to street dance.

The app itself is not only novel, but it has actually been devised quite intelligently and carefully. It has three different difficulty levels, and there is an entire category devoted to tricks such as “The hat turn”, “The toy man”, “The heel-toe”, “The up and down body wave”… the names might not mean that much, but if you see the tricks in action I am sure you will keep on exclaiming “Ah! It’s that one!”.

And coming back to the different difficulty levels that are supported, these are “Absolute Beginners”, “Beginners Series” and “Intermediate Series”. There is truly something for everybody here. If you feel your body and your mind are sharp enough, you are going to enjoy this app for sure.

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