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  • March 23, 2009

Streamy.comNews aggregator emerge on a daily basis, but few have seen a beta test as prolonged and minute as the one that characterizes Streamy, a new solution that has finally moved out of private beta and become ready for public consumption.

In the most general terms available, Streamy enables anybody to share and consume news in the most social way devised.

Users can access news by following different sources, and these include not only individuals but also related groups of interest.

Moreover, the system makes for discussing different news items through the site, as tools for communicating with each other are fully accounted for. In fact, the opening screen automatically aggregates updates from your contacts and presents these along with the top stories of the day for you to delve upon.

As it was only suitable for a site with such a marked social bend, services like Facebook are duly taken into consideration. For instance, those who log in through Facebook connect can get in touch with all their fellow facebooksters who also happen to use Streamy. The same applies to Flickr, FriendFeed and Digg users.

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