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More – Video Streaming For Professionals

  • July 1, 2009

PayPerLive.comPayPerLive is subscription service that was launched not so long ago. In general terms, it attempts to avoid the shortcomings of other video streaming providers by giving professional users a high definition platform that can be employed to stream shows and ticketed events.

Both domains and subdomains can be procured, and those who have a Stickam account can log in using that. A website designer is provided in any case, so that those who do not have HTML or CSS knowledge can set up everything easily. It will also come in useful for those who do have the knowledge but not the time to put everything in position.

Of course, one of the most interesting options (if not the most interesting option par excellence) is the one that lets the broadcaster sell tickets for his broadcasts and generate an income in the process. Tools and resources for publicizing the event are provided as well, so that it could be said that the whole process is covered from start to finish.

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