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More – Positive Life Radio

  • June 2, 2008

Plr.orgPositive Life Radio is a network of Christian radios joining 10+ Northwest stations, which you can listen online through this site, together with a large selection of religious music and hymns which you can listen as streaming audio (you can’t choose what to play, that is). I was shocked to see that there are no downloadable podcasts in the site, which seems like a bit of a shame, as listeners could really profit from such a feature as it would allow them to listen to favorite shows on the go.

The ‘Community’ section carries a wide variety of resources of interest for preachers and believers alike, with a good plus: PLR does not ascribe to any particular confession, so a large audience can use them for their personal or teaching needs; take a look at the links to bible study aids, inspiring testimonials by the community of PLR listeners and the people who have been benefited by their charity and support programs; a selection of local and general news of religious interest can also be found in the site.

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More – Create Your Own Mix Tape, Of Sorts

  • November 14, 2007

BoomShuffle.comRemember back in the early ’90s when themed mix tapes were all the rage? You know, ones that you give titles to like “Jivin’ Drivin’”? If you loved making those for you and your friends, check out BoomShuffle. BoomShuffle is a simple tool that lets you create musical mixes, either on your own or with your friends’ input.

To create a mix, you don’t have to register, simply click the “Create Mix” tab on the site. Then, you’ll be prompted to enter in a title for and description of your mix, and you can choose one of many designs which will be displayed while your mix is playing (everything from “Beach run” to “Green swirls”). Next, you can search for music on the BoomShuffle database to add to you mix; enter in the title of a song or artist to include it. Lastly, you’re presented with the option of sharing your mix with your friends by email.

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