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  • May 19, 2008

Worldsocietyprotectionofanimals.orgThe World Society for the Protection of Animals is a society that takes action against cruelty to animals and animal abuse. In common with many people, they believe that animals should have the right to a decent life without being tortured or exploited, and have worked towards this end for the last 50 years.

The WSPA promotes legislation that defends the rights of animals, as well as providing information and education to improve animal well-being. WSPA also provides mobile clinics with medical supplies and equipment, so stray dogs get the proper care they need. In addition, the WSPA has launched campaigns to combat the increase of intensive factory farming, to make people aware of the problems involved in animal transportation over great distances, as well as the inhumane practices involved in animal slaughter. Furthermore, they have been working towards putting an end to the bear bile farming industry, and the killing of whales. Finally, the WSPA offers training programs on such topics as animal health and welfare, for the individual and for governments. If you would like to collaborate with the WSPA, you can do so by making a monthly donation and joining up.

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