More – Strategic Resources Services

  • June 2, 2008

Verticalag.comFounded in the year 1999 as an online recruiting site, Vertical Alliance Group stands today as a purveyor of strategic services and customized information delivery systems. The company specializes in targeted online sites, and links that showcase said service are provided.

The remaining services and products can be found in the corresponding sections of the site, and they are named “Infinit-e Intelligence”, “Industry Portals”, “Conversion Training”, “Online Process Consulting”, and “White Papers”. The service that goes by the name of “Infinit-e Intelligence” refers to a system that lets the client ascertain that vital information has not simply been delivered to the recipient, but that it was actually understood and acted upon in consequence. For its part, the term “White Papers” refers to a system aimed at the healthcare industry, whereby hiring costs are reduced and nursing shortage is eliminated. The site also includes a section that deals with partnership programs, whereas those who are looking for job openings are advised to visit the section that is entitled” Careers”, as employment opportunities are detailed therein.

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More – Free Downloads For The Sims 2

  • May 26, 2008

Aroundthesims2.comThe Sims 2 is the sequel to the monster hit game that was released by Maxis in the year 2000. This particular instalment was released in 2004, and, it is a strategic life-simulation like its predecessor.

Whereas the previous version was presented in 2D with some interspersed 3D sequences, The Sims 2 takes place in a full 3D environment. In addition to that, the sequel offers a central plotline. One of the most salient aspects of the game, though, has to be its malleability. “Modders” (individual users) can alter the game at will, creating custom contents and parts that are exchanged online. The Around The Sims 2 website is a place where Sims aficionados convene and do just that. The custom parts that are exchanged therein include objects, clothes, looks, buildings and wall floors. Polls are available, and the user can vote in order to choose the most popular add-ons and custom contents.

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More – Strategic Solutions Provider

  • May 23, 2008

Commpartners.comCommPartners was first established in the year 1995, and today the company stands as a quality purveyor of strategic solutions such as webinars, webcasts, e-marketing, web design and network consulting. Its website is arranged into categories that provide information on each one of these services.

For instance, event management is covered in great detail on the corresponding page, which lists the set of tools devised by the company and how it is put into action. This entails a process that goes from strategic consultation to post-event assistance, and all point in-between such as event marketing are catered for as well. A search can be carried out for additional flexibility. Individuals can subscribe to Commpartners for free, and receive a monthly newsletter that details all the latest developments, in addition to a newsletter that lists special offers and discounts. Members of the American Society of Association Executives benefit from special discounts.

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More – The Weather Just Got Better

  • May 7, 2008

Theweather.tkAt you kind find all kind of animation and movies, skill and strategy games, adventures games, fighting and shooting games, racing games, and flying games.

You can search the game by category or you can enter to All Archive Games section. At the animation and movies section you can find videos such as a funny advertisement that shows you what could go wrong when buying a defective product. At the racing section you can find games where you have to race against other opponents using machine guns, lasers, oil drums, and nitro to win first place. At the skill and strategy section you can help Aqua solve the underwater puzzles by pushing flashing balls into energizer. You can shoot down invading zombies with pistols, or play miniature golf with lot of courses and obstacles, or even fly your little helicopter, past all the crazy obstacles, and get to the flag in one piece. Check out the latest and most popular contest directly through the homepage.

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