More – Digital Stores For Artists

  • August 4, 2011

DailyDigital.comAnd the barriers keeping creative people from selling their own content online keep on being taken down one by one. Daily Digital is a new platform that enables just anybody to create an online store of his very own, and list all his original content for sale right there. That can be anything from images, videos, documents and even fully-fledged applications. These digital storefronts can be integrated both with web and Facebook pages, and once they are up and running they feel a lot like iTunes in terms of interface and layout.

Artists who create a store in this way are also provided with full analytics and a content management system for uploading new pieces and revise already-existing ones, as well as the necessary resources for handling payments as they come right in.

If you are an independent artist, if you own a small company or even if you are a reseller then this is a platform you can but feel worthy of your time. And all the more so when taking into account Daily Digital has gone for a freemium model that means you can get started and embed your own store with a minimum of fuss.

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More – Build A Social Store

  • July 9, 2011

SocialCart.comA new social commerce platform that aims to leave its mark in what is quickly becoming one of the most competitive scenes ever, SocialCart enables anybody to build up a personalized storefront on his network of choice. That can be anything from Facebook and Twitter to MySpace, and just any of the blogging platforms of the day such as WordPress and Blogger. The idea is that people can create a storefront that is nurtured with products straight from SocialCart’s catalog, and then sell them to all of their social contacts. And they are the ones setting down the prices that will actually be charged. Not only that, they will specify the commission percentage they will be earning for each successful sale.

And if you are a merchant, you will be able to sign up for an account and supply these social networkers who build SocialCart storefronts with your very own products. It is a win-win scenario, as your products will be spread by word of mouth all over the Social Web – an estimate 700 million users that spread faster than the speed of light.

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More – Making Your Store Go Social

  • August 14, 2010

Zuupy.comDo you need online shopping solutions? Are you looking for ecommerce software?. is an online company specialized in providing ecommerce software and innovative online shopping programs for your website. Zuppy offers useful online ecommerce solutions and shopping cart programs for your online shopping site.

On you can find information about this ecommerce company and about the online shopping software provided. On this site you can learn about ecommerce development and ecommerce software, as well as online store design and online marketing with social sites.

Are you looking for ecommerce software? Would you like to start your own online store site? If that happens to be the case, you have come to the right site. On you can find online ecommerce software you can install in your website. In conclusion, if you are interested in ecommerce solutions and online shopping software, this website might be worth a try.

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More – A New Context For Shopping

  • March 1, 2010

GoBuy.comGenerally speaking, GoBuy is an eCommerce website that will enable anybody to have his own storefront, and one with a big degree of customization at that. Web pages, videos, pictures and banners are some of the elements that can be employed in any storefront that you create, and taken as a whole these can but give customers a more refined first impression.

Besides, the owner of each online store can choose how featured products will be highlighted. The way in which orders will be processed and refunds will be taken care of is likewise set down at will. And something as pivotal as the creation and distribution of coupon codes and gift certificates can be dealt with smoothly, along with the creation of promotional banners.

The most interesting aspect of the whole system is the interconnection that is produces among different stores, as people who shop at one are likewise potential customers at yours and so on. And the lists of both popular vendors and products that are featured on the main page just make shopping even easier for customers everywhere.

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More – Add A Shopping Cart To Your Site

  • November 17, 2009

Payvment.comThe ones who have been thinking about launching an e-commerce venture of their own will certainly put Payvment to good use. Essentially, this new site (out in beta) will let them add a shopping cart to any online storefront that they create.

In this particular case, a clear effort has been made to come up with a solution which is usable above anything else, not only because Payvment is easy to implement (you don’t even have to install anything) but because it is provided at no cost whatsoever. All that the user has to do is sign up and copy a line of code to his website and then the shopping cart system is put into motion.

This ease of use is all the more important if we think of the already endless sites that render similar services. A solution that requires neither programming skills nor the actual purchase of any software is naturally interesting to those who are just starting out and don’t want to waste time on details that could (and can, as this site shows) be dealt with forthright.

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More – eCommerce Solutions

  • January 28, 2008 is a company devoted to presenting integral web developing solutions for all sorts of needs, but most importantly eCommerce platforms.

The site hosts store fronts of up to 500 MB included in the going rates, but merchants can choose to enlarge it by paying an additional fee. The company provides its customers with a sub-domain name, but customers can get an independent domain for their sites at a special price. Also interesting abut the services offered by this company is the continual education plans, which include webinars and live training workshops that deal with topics like developing a sales plan or marketing strategies. By taking a look at the complete Product and Service catalogue available from this site, visitors can learn about the multiple web-based solutions which they can hire, and how much they cost, and thus determine if it’s the right thing for their needs. In any case, the site’s FAQs address multiple sophisticated and basic issues, so it is probably the easiest way to get the exact information users need.

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More – Custom photo products & objects

  • November 19, 2007

Photoworks.comEven better than your local photo kiosk, this site will allow you to submit photographs in order to get prints any size and style you want to get them in, plus get them shipped to your home for a small fee. Most importantly, you can get those pictures made or stamped into virtually anything: not just t-shirts and coffee mugs, but custom Christmas-tree decorations, luggage tags or tote bags.

The site will also allow you to become a member and generate photo shows and presentation online, which you can share with your loved ones; the site also works as a photolog and storefront host, so you can upload your commercial-related shots to the web as well.

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