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More – Need Help Getting out of Debt?

  • February 11, 2008 is a site that aims to attract people that have financial problems or are in deep debt, by gathering their information and letting an expert debt counselor renegotiate their unsecured debt (no mortgage or car loans) to an average of 50% and reduce the monthly payments and thus slowly go out of financial problems (there is a notice indicating that average renegotiation plans take somewhere in between 18 to 60 months).

The strange thing about this site is that it claims that its services are free, check, so then it’ll lead you to a debt counselor whose services users are not told whether they are free or not. In any case, if the whole idea of getting out of debt is to regain control of one’s life, it would be sensible for this company to indicate exactly what the rates, fees, charges or obligations of its customers are. Anyway, in order to get a phone call from the debt counselor, all users have to do is fill in a 10-cell form with their total debt amount and contact information, and maybe while they wait for the phone to ring, they can check out the debt calculator, which allows users to estimate how much their monthly payments will be based on the number of creditors and total amount of debt.

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