More – Shopping Made That Much Simpler

  • August 19, 2012

A&P is a very popular grocery store in the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey areas. You can visit if you want to know anything about the store. If you live in one of the above areas and you are looking for a store location that is close to you, there is an easy locator available on the site. You may have previously had an A&P rewards card or you may be looking to newly apply for one. Either way, you can find a handy application available at Apfreshonline. Convenience is always important, which is why there is a pharmacy available in A&P stores. To make things even simpler, you can refill your prescriptions online. There is information available on for people that are interested in enrolling in the Live Better Generic Prescription Plan. In the event that you cannot make it to the pharmacy, your prescription can be delivered to your door.

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More – Argos Online Store

  • August 16, 2012

The homepage for has multiple advertisements for products that are on sale. Every few seconds, the picture changes to a different deal. There are currently cameras, grills, and tents being advertised in that space. Below the flashing pictures are unchanging ads for kids’ products, like trampolines, play sets, and slides. Argos offers lots of products. A link for kitchen and laundry items is up, including but not limited to, toasters, coffee makers, fridges and irons. The site has extensive selection of home and furniture products. The garden and do-it-yourself section has items for cars and home improvement.

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More – Great Electronics From Alternate

  • July 12, 2012 is the home page of one of the best known mail order companies for hardware, software, home and consumer electronics. Alternate sells an assortment of more than 35,000 products to retail and business customers. They were established in 1992 and were first known as a provider of Atari and Commodore computers. was one of the first hardware consignors and Alternate, with its new name, opened in 1997. When there becames a huge potential of the growing Internet, the German shop was opened and in present time, the only store is the main source of income. is a leading e-commerce company. They have several hundred employees, a modern shipping logisitcs, and they manufacture their own PC. Alternate has four international offices found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Spain. These facilities are stocked with retail stores as well as the online mail orders. The readers of PC Games Hardware magazine gave Alternate the title of hardware sender of the year for the eighth time in Spring 2011.

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More – Catalog Your Items

  • April 3, 2012

Coming back home one day to find that you have been burgled is devastating. But having your house burglarized three times the same year? That’s out of a horror story, the kind that would make Stephen King proud. And that’s exactly what happened to Jacob Israel, the founder of A Miami resident, he built this service after having had his house burglarized three times in a row.

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More – Like Yelp For Feature Phones

  • March 13, 2012

TxtRoo.comTxtRoo can be defined as a service that does what Yelp has always done, but only that the focus here is kept on feature phones. TxtRoo provides people like you and me with reviews of venues that have been written by those who were actually there, but it does it in a completely different way. Business owners that sign up for an account receive a phone number that they can then put on their store’s windows. Customers who send a text message to that number will get the three most recent reviews that have been written for that venue. They’ll also see how it’s ranked, and (whenever they’re available) they’ll get information like specials and promotions.

The most interesting aspect of TxtRoo is undoubtedly that it works with any mobile phone. People won’t need to have an iPhone or a Blackberry just to receive all the latest information about your venue.

If this sounds good enough to you and you want to register your business, then you can do that by following this link. It costs nothing. But keep in mind that for the time being, the TxtRoo team is focusing on the Latino market in the US.

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More – Read Personalized News

  • March 13, 2012

Enliten.comThose who call Facebook a timewaster are clearly taking things too far, but I understand why they do it. Facebook is addictive. And anything that is addictive keeps you from doing other things. So, time spent of Facebook is time that you don’t spend checking other sites. But the ones who say that Facebook is a waste of time just don’t realize to which extent it centralizes information, and how a single hour spent there can tell you as much about the world outside as an hour reading blogs and news sites. But no matter how much you try to explain this, there are people who just don’t listen, and who keep on dismissing Facebook times out of mind.

A service like Enliten might help them understand how useful Facebook is for staying informed. Enliten is a platform for the creation and delivery of personalized magazines. If you sign up for the service (it’s free), you’ll get to define all your interests and tastes, and based on that Enliten will produce a personalized magazine for you to read on your browser.

And Facebook can play a vital role in the creation of such a magazine since you can connect your social network account with Enliten. By doing so, the service will be able to understand your likes and interests even faster, and to deliver even more relevant articles to you. Not to mention that you’ll get to share what you’re reading a lot easier with your friends.

So, Enliten is a sort of personal newspaper for the 21st Century. It lets you define your interests one by one, and it also brings social networking into the equation. It should be enough to show even the most stubborn of people how traditional media coverage and social networking can be on the same page, and how they can play a truly complementary role. And hopefully, encourage them to move with the times once and for all.

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More – Compare Products Online

  • March 13, 2012

Omnea.comA service that makes shopping for items online a lot easier, Omnea lets you organize all these products you’re interested in, and compare them using a neat interface. Using Omnea, you can add items one by one using a bookmarklet, and you can bring as many different products as you want into the same page. The idea is to let you quickly realize which is cheaper, and which is fitter for the purpose you have in mind.

Omnea is built around the concept of “Catalogs”. These are where all the items you’re thinking of buying go. You can have one for gift ideas, another for items you have to buy for your home, yet another for items you’ll need for your next travel… All in all, Omnea has got a product engine that supports over 50 million products. Stores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy are actively supported, so if what you’re thinking of buying is any kind of general interest item then it’ll be there.

As a service, Omnea is completely free. You can install the “Add To Catalog” button in seconds, and begin storing all the items you see from that point onwards in a single click.

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More – Access Your Favorite Sites From Everywhere

  • March 11, 2012

Faviz.comFaviz is perfect for those who are forced to browse the Internet from multiple devices to get things done on an average day at work. If you’re one such person, then Faviz lets you access all of these sites that you must visit daily without the need to install an app on your computer, your smartphone or your tablet. Faviz is a web tool that with one click or tap lets you see all your most-visited sites, and open them from wherever you are. In order to use this service, you just have to sign up for an account. That is going to cost you nothing, and once you account has been created Faviz is going to keep track of all these sites you visit more frequently.

So, Faviz makes having to bookmark sites and share these bookmarks between devices a thing of the past. I’m sure you can tell a tale of how you once had to quickly access a page from your mobile, and since you weren’t using your desktop computer that took you three times longer. And you came across as horribly unprofessional. Well, using a service like Faviz is one of the best ways to keep that from happening ever again.

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More – Keep Your Bookmarks Private

  • March 8, 2012

Eslime.netIf you think that social bookmarking sites are a waste of time (why would you share your bookmarks? They’re yours, after all), then this new service is perfect for you. Eslime is a tool that makes it easy for you to save all the bookmarks that you want, and access them from wherever you are. If you’re working and you come across a game review that looks interesting but it’s just too long to be read at the office without the boss suspecting you’re not getting that thousand-cell spreadsheet ready, then Eslime is all you need. You can save the link in one click, and you’ll get to read the article when you get back home.

This is obviously a lot faster and far more effective than sending the link to yourself via email. And Eslime is 100% free to use, too.

Granted, there are some social bookmarking services that actually let you create and apply privacy filters. But let’s face it, most people can’t be bothered. It’s too much of a hassle. So, it’s only fair to assume Eslime is a service that could find a clear niche out there.

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More – Find Gourmet Organic Products

  • February 17, 2012

A lot of people turn to organic products these days for a change from buying and consuming highly industrialized products. Not that they are a bad choice, but organic products can be more friendly to the environment and maybe offer a healthier choice for products which are regularly consumed. They also mean a source of income for small manufacturers, so buying them may contribute to create a wider economy. is an online store offering a really wide variety of organic products. Just giving a look at the categories available on the menu at the left will give an idea of the many options you have. You can find herbs, salts, essential oils and blends, chocolate, or products for hair care.

As for buying and shipping, the store works like any other online business, accepting the most popular payment methods, getting the products on a shopping card and just checking out electronically. The shipping is done through Fedex services, among from which you can choose a variety of options. Gift certificates are also available to deliver electronically.

Also, if you have some retail business, Wholesale-organics offers the option to buy products for selling at your stores.

If you are not in the right moment for purchasing, you may save products on a wish list that will let you check out later on, without having to look for them all over again.

Apart from the products, an appealing section in the site is the one that offers accessories and supplies for using at the kitchen. There you can find canisters, pasta containers, bread basket, scoops or ice buckets, which will make very good gifts or useful tools for your home.

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More – Reminders For Places

  • January 27, 2012

Near2There.comNear2There is a new mobile application that can tell you about places that you’d might like to check, right as you’re near them. These can be restaurants that your friends have recommended because of the great customer service they provide and their exquisite dishes, or nightclubs where the fun never stops. Any kind of venue will do. Near2There will send you a direct notification when you’re just a few blocks away, so that you keep it in mind.

And the app also lets you save all these interesting places that you come across when you’re out and about, but that you just don’t have the time to check right then. That’s what the app creators call “placemarking”, and it goes without saying that any place you save like this is a place you can easily have shared with all of your friends

So, NearThere is truly a location-sensitive to-go list that can help you make the best of these times when you just don’t know where to go or what to do to keep boredom from sinking in. The app is available for iPhone and Android, and it’s a free download in both cases.

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More – Invoice Clients Online

  • January 27, 2012

Invoicebus.comGreat news for online retailers looking for a quick way to manage orders and invoice their clients. This new application lets you do both things, using a single page interface where you can keep track of everything and ensure no order is ever going unaccounted for. Invoicebus can be used to create invoices and send them via email, and also for managing detailed “thank you” notes and reminders.

The application has been recently released, but it already comes with all the right features. For example, you can choose the currency you want to use on your invoice. And it also lets you get quote responses directly on your inbox.

The basic version of Invoicebus is named “Minibus”, and it costs $9.95 per month. It can handle up to 15 different clients. For more than that, you must go for either the “Single-decker” or the “Double-decker” plan. The “Single-decker” plan is billed $19.95, and it can store up to 50 clients, while the “Double-decker” plan costs $29.95 and it can deal with as many clients as you want. It’s completely unlimited in that sense.

And there’s also a free trial. It’s called the “Mini-van” plan, it can store up to 3 clients and it’s free for life.

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More – Store Your Photos

  • January 23, 2012

Photry.comMegaupload was taken down last week, much to the anger of people who did use the service to store files that actually belonged to them. And yes, there were lots of people who used the service to keep copies of files that were their own, or to collaborate with colleagues. In fact, many have lost files that were irreplaceable. It remains to be seen whether the FBI will let people access their accounts and get all their files back again. Some believe that’s going to happen when they have deleted all the offending files from Megaupload’s servers. Which is anything from good news, as that can take years and years.

The damage’s already done. The only thing to do now is to begin looking for sites to fill the void left by Megaupload. And as far as sharing photos legally goes, then Photry is a good alternative. It’s a photo sharing service that comes with 1GB of free storage, and that can keep all of your photos in their original format. JPG, GIF, BMP… Photry has no trouble handling files of any kind. In fact, it can even handle RAW files. It can store everything on its servers, and you can download any photo of yours from anywhere you can access the Internet.

And if you need larger storage, then there’s five paid plans to choose from. Just $2.99 per month will give you 10GB of storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

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More – Social Shopping Cart

  • January 21, 2012

MerchantTribe.comCS Cart, Enstore, ASecureCart… there’s no end to the list of shopping carts you could add to your online store, in a bid to give customers a superior shopping experience. But not all of them come with the advanced tracking features provided by MerchantTribe. This new company lets you analyze your every sale, and put it in the right context for understanding where did that customer come from and why did he actually make a purchase.

And MerchantTribe looks at everything from a social angle. Instead of analyzing individual stores, it looks at thousand of retailers in order to realize what an “ideal” store should look like. When it figures that out, it delivers customized reports to the “members of the tribe” (IE, the ones who are using the service) explaining how to improve their sales.

MerchantTribe is both available as a free download and as a paid service. They have mostly the same features, but only the commercial version of MerchantTribe comes with support 24/7. A one-year subscription will cost you $499.

And if you’re interested, a hosted version of MerchantTribe is also available. You can have the company take care of the hosting itself and all the technical bits. These include setting up the service for you, and updating everything when a new version of MerchantTribe has become available. You can get started for $49 per month, and there’s three other plans to choose from if your store’s already big and you have to deal with a large number of items and customers. And you can upgrade your plan as you go along, too.

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