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  • June 6, 2008

MessageSolution.comMessageSolution is an independent software vendor. Our web site serves as an information crossroads of sorts for enterprise customers seeking an email archive to solve problems ranging from regulatory compliance and litigation support to storage management.

There are Module pages describing the major functions of our software. Site visitors can read how our product can support their unique archiving needs, whether visitors need fast, accurate searching for electronic discovery or reliable storage to free up their overloaded servers. Visitors can also find information on regulatory compliance requirements for their particular industry, as well as how an automated email archive can help them achieve compliance. Visitors can read our monthly e-newsletter and access our collection of whitepapers, or they can simply request a free product demonstration or trial. This business practice has lead to the development of some features unique in the industry, like a search engine that can perform full text searches in any language in sub-seconds and a file conversion tool that allows customers to return their entire archive to its original file formats should they decide to go with another vendor.

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