More – Keeping Spam Out Of The Picture

  • February 9, 2010

StopTweet.comStopTweet is nothing more and nothing less than a spam filter that aims to bring some transparency into the Twitterverse. The main asset of this app is that it is as customizable as it needs to be in order not to fall into a too generic trap of blocking people willy-nilly.

You are the one who defines exactly which kind of conduct should be regarded as spammy by tweaking with a large set of variables and parameters.

Once this has been taken care, you can have StopTweet follow two courses of action. One is to automatically have all these spammers stop following you. The other is to block their messages only. In that way, you will not lose followers, and you will be free from worrying about them bombarding your account.

Lastly, the site features both a “Wall Of Fame” and a “Wall Of Shame”. The former highlights these users that have found the most spammers, whereas the latter is a showcase for the ones that have been filtered out the most. In that way, you will know who to keep your distance from right away.

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