stomach pains

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  • June 5, 2008

TheStomachSite.comThis web site “The stomach site” is your starting point for all the stomach information you are looking for. You can find in the menu the item “Site Topics” which contains a variety of information on topics such as stomach flu, stomach acid, stomach pains, etc.

There is also in the menu another section “Related Topics”, where you can find information about the colon, the pancreas, stomach cancer, the skeleton, etc. The last section in the menu is “Refine Your Search”, where you can find information about stomach problems in children, in dogs, etc. In the case you don’t find the information you are looking for, or you prefer a quicker method of searching for it, there is a search box where you can type what you are looking for. Finally you can also find a “contact us” section, in case you whish to ask any question or write any comment.

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