More – Sharing Photographs Online

  • October 4, 2010

Stockvault.netStockvault is a social site in which photos and images are freely shared among users. The idea is to give students and budding photographers a chance to interact among themselves, hone their skills and (hopefully) begin making their first professional inroads by connecting them with people who could use their abilities.

All of the images that are found on the site can be downloaded and employed for free, as long as they are not being put to commercial uses. They can make any personal project come to life, and teachers can also employ these images in order to create more compelling educational materials.

The site is broken down into a lot of different categories – “Nature”, “Objects”, “People”, “Seasonal”, “Graphics”, “Transportation”… and these pictures that have been uploaded more recently to the database are always highlighted on the main page. You can also see the ones that have been downloaded the most, and avoid having to look them up manually. The hard work will be done for you.

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