Ace The Markets With Wall St. Cheat Sheet

  • June 5, 2013

The economy has delivered a number of smackdowns in recent years. Damien Hoffman decided to help people pick themselves back up and stand tall. Building on previous startup success and his experience in investment banking, he co-founded the Wall St. Cheat Sheet, a financial media company meant to…

More – A Reliable Source For Financial Information

  • August 26, 2012

The world of finance and the world of investing have drastically changed over the past 15 years. Things like use of the Internet, access to 24-hour news and an ever-changing and volatile economy has meant that individuals have had to drastically change the way that they look at how their money is managed, and where they wanted their money to be invested. These are just some of the reasons why individuals turn to the resources provided at when it comes to dealing with matters related to money.

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More – Become A Better Trader

  • March 28, 2011

InformedTrades.comInformed Trades aims to become the definitive online resource for people who want to learn how to trade forex, stocks and contracts for difference (CFDs). On this site, just anybody can start a discussion and receive the insight of people who know more than he does.

And in addition to housing these discussions forums in which anything that is connected with the world of trading is elucidated, the site includes instruction manuals, product reviews and links to blogs of interest.

Moreover, both free and premium trading courses are offered for those who want to improve their knowledge in a direct and focused way. Everything from the logistics of stock trading and how the US banking system works to Forex scalping strategies is covered by these courses.

When all is said and done, this site has got all it takes to become the free university for traders bar none on the Internet. The content is rich, it can be accessed for free, and people from all over the world are enabled to join it and collaborate in the ways that they can.

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More – The Popularity Of Stocks Measured

  • July 20, 2009

Popstok.comTurning the stock market into a popularity contest is the order of the day as far as this new website goes. It is a new addition to the array of tools and apps such as “TickMarkt” and “BetMyStock” – apps and tools that let anybody get acquainted with the stock market in a hassle-free and (above all) safe way.

In general terms, it presents the user with a list of the most popular stocks and then it enables him or her to vote on the ones he wishes. This way, anybody is given an indication of which stocks are more popular as of late, and which stocks might be worth keeping an eye peeled on.

In addition to that, the site features a comprehensive “Learn” category that includes resources such as books and guides for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject at hand. Chances are that if you have visited the site you will be interested in doing so, and such a collection of resources will not go amiss.

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More – Undiscovered Companies

  • April 21, 2009 belongs to a company that in charge to follow undiscovered companies that have the potential to become in big enterprises and grow.

This site gives different services to its users, and provides all the information one might want about it.

This is not another traditional IR company, that is in charge to give users all the services and care they need in order to make their companies grow. This company is in charge to give users the possibility to reach out and attract potential investors. is an interesting site where you can make our company to be known through multimedia marketing to gain exposure through today’s information highway.

If you use this company’s services you will be able to implement demonstrated tactics as well as to use available resources to improve investor’s value. In case you decide to use this company’s services you will get a high qualified client development services, as well as client services, etc. You can find more information about this company at

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More – A Network For Independent Traders

  • April 13, 2009

MarketFriends.comMarketFriends is a social network and information sharing site for independent traders of all financial markets. Traders can utilize live chat rooms, idea sharing forums and many other useful features, all for free.

As it is fit, each trader has a personalized profile. This adds an element of trust and community. The objective of the site is to create a distinct competitive advantage for the retail trading community, by letting independent traders network together.

This site takes advantage of traditional trader tools combined with the social network element of profile building and a trusted network of fellow traders. Typically you would have to pay for live chat software, and generally only message boards are available online for free use by traders. If it manages to consolidate itself, this site can become the one-stop for traders going through their daily activities. It has the potential to become a large network of free information sharing on the web, and an invaluable tool for traders around the world. If you are one and think that you could benefit from such an initiative, simply head to in order to start learning and networking.

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Penny Stocks – Iron Hot Stocks

  • March 27, 2009

Penny StocksIron Hot Stocks can be certainly defined as one the fastest growing penny stock sites on the planet. This online resource offers different ways to make money penny by penny.

If you join this community of penny stock investors, you will have the opportunity to take your investing to the next level.

This company has a comprehensive newsletter and stock picks that give all its members the edge while day trading and are even accompanied with very effective trading tools and access to the Iron Hot Stocks Community.

The site is very clear and makes a visual impact on the users as soon as its opens. You will have access to many testimonials in addition to a wide variety of very convenient advices from the most qualified professionals in the market place

All the services you will get on this site can be paid through the most popular credit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Amex, as well as other systems like eCheck and PayPal. In case you are interested in this online resource this could be the best opportunity for you to change your personal economy and start making money penny by penny. Penny Stocks

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Flizu-Forex seen by a newbie

  • November 28, 2008

Flizu-Forex seen by a is a personal blog, where you can see the owner of the blog trade on Forex (Foreign Exchange Market).

The reason behind the blog is simply to experiment trading on a demo account in order to learn from mistakes and gain experience before trading in the real world.

With the new economic crisis, someone has to make money, either in currency or Crude Oil, at least that’s the reasoning behind this exploration of Forex trading. On the site you can seethe progress that Marius, the blog owner is making and maybe even get some tips on what to do and what not to do. Every session is broadcast and recorded, and you can see a real time strategy on how to make money. is not a guide or a get rich quick scheme, it’s simply the opinion of one person on what this ‘game’ is all about. You can probably make some money if you know what you’re doing but without experience it becomes a bit difficult. By having this demo account everyone can learn a little and maybe venture into the real world of trading one day.

Flizu-Forex seen by a newbie

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More – Smart Online Portfolio Management Tools

  • September 17, 2008 provides you with a software that helps you compare and raise your investment funds. Portfolio Monkey offers a variety of investment tools for self-guided investors. In case you want to use their risk management software to improve your portfolio management skills, this might be the right site for you to visit.

Additionally, the site will let you learn everything about financial management by using tools that show you investment ideas. Besides, you can find a blog where you can learn from the experience of those who are looking for financial methods to improve their asset management skills.

Are you looking for a risk management software to improve your financial management strategies? If that is so, might be a good option for you. By using the software provided by you can manage your assets faster and easier. In addition, you can also take benefit of the investment analysis the software features.

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More – Stock vs. Stock

  • July 21, 2008

StockMoose.comEconomy got you down? Not to worry, there’s other means to have fun with numbers. Try the stockmarket, for one.

A bear market is a good time to buy quality stocks and the newly minted site StockMoose will let you try your hand at stock picking or learn from the crowd. StockMoose, despite the cute name, is not lot like other stock trading sites. Rather than have users put together a portfolio of picks and then rate them or sound in with their own two cents, with StockMoose, you vote on what’s given. The homepage provides users with two choices and you vote for the one you think will be a winner. The stocks are all similar (SanDisk vs VMware, for example), so you’re not comparing apples to oranges. You can follow the results by joining through a site called piqqem or simply enter as a visitor.

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More – Manage Funds And Portfolios

  • July 17, 2008

RoyceFunds.comAt they are entirely dedicated to helping small companies enhance their capital.

They specialize in providing advice and management of portfolios within the national and international markets. If you would like to know how the company started its operations and which the founders are, you can take a look at this site. They feature multiple funds with common focus, consistent discipline, and co-ownership of funds. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: fund tools, news and commentary, forms and literature, etc. Within the firms and literature section there are firm materials, fact sheets, financial reports, prospectus and applications, retirement and education plans literature, and special forms. At the news and commentary link you will access to the latest news and press releases, as well as the newsletter. From the site you can compare funds by selecting a fund’s type, and get to know the risk as well.

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More – Have A Look At These Articles

  • July 14, 2008 is a site that provides the web visitors a list with articles related to a wide range of topics about bankruptcy, loans, and other economic situations.

These articles include charts, pictures and many examples to facilitate the comprehension of the articles. In the home page you will be able to find the headline topics which are the following: credit, insurance, real estate, fundamentals of investments, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, and Exchange-Traded Funds, stocks, options & features, earning money, saving money, shopping, tax topics and bonds among others. The site is basically constructed by these headlines and the table of contents. You are free to enter any of these articles and learn some more about other economic situations and experiences of professionals and other companies. Visit and get prepared to acquire facts and data that may be helpful to prevent future economic problems. The more you know, the less you will loose!

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More (Now – My Earth Link

  • July 13, 2008 (Now you looking for Internet services? Do you want to get some help to browse through the Internet? If that is the case, could be of your interest. This company provides you high speed Internet access. Then, if you want to start watching Youtube videos and browsing through the Internet, this site could be of help.

In case you need to find Internet services, might be a good option for you to consider. By visiting this site you will be informed about the different high speed Internet services provided. Therefore, if you want to start using Internet, you just have to visit and learn more about this company.

Do you want to watch Youtube videos? Do you need to find Internet services? Then, feel free to stop by and take a look at the different services offered. Get DSL Internet services, and enjoy all the benefits of the Internet. (Now

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More – Financial News Aggregator

  • June 28, 2008

StreetRead.comMaybe you’re looking to get bullish in this very bearish market? Or, perhaps you want to find some glimmer of hope in your short-cum-long term picks? Whatever the reason, it’s a good time take a hard, long look at the financials and soak in as much info as you can. You can start by checking out StreetRead, a new endeavor designed to be the go-to feed aggregator for business and financial news.

Much like other feed readers (think Netvibes or Original Signal), StreetRead offers constantly updated news and customizable feeds all on one screen. However, with StreetRead, new feeds are forever scrolling downwards as they are updated. Once you’ve created a new login, StreetRead gives you a list of financial news sources (WSJ, Fox, and Barrons, to name a few) to add. You can choose as many as you like, or add your own. You can even add your own scrolling ticker with the stocks you’re interested in and own. StreetRead is free to use.

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More – Innovative ETF Advisor Group

  • June 27, 2008

XSharesAdvisors.comXSharesAdvisors LLC is an investment advisor and sponsor of US listed ETFs or exchange trades funds. Basically, these are likes stocks or bonds traded on the stock market; they’re attractive for their low costs and tax like qualities.

They act much like mutual funds as well as closed-end funds. XShares funds include Adelante Shares Real Estate, HealthShares, and TDAX Independence. XShares offers new investors guidelines, tips and advice about getting into the ETF market. They also provide news about the ETF funds they sponsor, along with important facts and updates. There’s an mini investment hand guide and users can also call in to talk to XShares live advisors. Should you have any questions, the XShares advisors are there for you whenever you need. Users can also download materials about the ETFs offered by the company or they can search the site to find exactly what they’re looking for. There is of course, risk in any investment, but XShares will help you throughout the process.

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More – Old Stock Selection

  • June 24, 2008

Scripophily.comAt you will find a large array of old stock selection.

They have scripophily stock certificates as well as Bond certificates. On the main page of the web site there are two navigator bars on both left and right side. Within the former you will find diverse links, such as: autographs, scandals, entertainment, consumer goods, financial institutions, transportation, mining and oil, international, government and war bonds, checks and paper money, postcards and trade cards, etc. On the right side there another group of links: old company research, large quality orders, stock certificates, gift wrapping, auction payments, etc. Within the index section you will find banks, financial, real estate, government bonds, international stocks, aviation, railroads, cars, ships, and canals. At the main page you will see pictures of the bonds and certificates so you can check out their quality. If you like what they do, you can make your order from the web site.

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More – The Only Way to Invest

  • June 19, 2008

Over the last eight months, we have been developing our database of nearly 1900 dividend stocks that we cover for investment research. We have developed our own “five-star” investment ratings criteria and applied that to each dividend-paying stock.

Just this week, we put the final touches on a model portfolio section that we have created for different investor profiles.

As of this past week, slightly less than 30% of the stocks we cover are recommended. We anticipate this list getting even smaller as we continue to review our ranking system. We have broken down the nearly 540 stocks recommended and coded them according to the type(s) of investor(s) who should be targeting them. We also include daily coverage of upgrades and downgrades.

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More – Stock Tips Served Straight

  • June 16, 2008

StocksMantra.comThink you can hit it big with the stock market? If you’ve got a glimmer of hope and a tolerance for loss, playing the market should be no problem for you. A little research will go a long way and StocksMantra may help you get there.

StocksMantra is a new website dedicated letting users in on tips, advice, and answers to your stock market questions. The site covers a range or topics including, technicals, futures and track records. Each mantra comes in blog form and ends with the author’s current position, resistance, support levels, and previous day’s close. To get all access to StocksMantra, register and login.

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More – Play the Stock News Risk Free

  • June 15, 2008

StockNewsGame.comWant to improve your instincts on the stock market and how each news piece influences prices, but don’t want to actually invest to gain this knowledge? StockNewsGame allows you to make predictions on how you think various news stories influenced specific stock prices by means of a game. Players are given a minute to analyze a piece of company news, view their 30 day stock chart, and then make a decision as to what that news did to affect the company’s stock price by the end of the trading day.

You can choose between a surge of 2% or more, up just a bit between 0 and 2%, down a bit between 0 and 2%, or a drop of over 2%. Based on your prediction, you gain or lose points. If you are correct, you gain points that amount to the price difference between the stock price at news issue and the end price. If you are incorrect, you end up losing the amount of points based on the difference between the end price and what you expected. You continue to make predictions, hopefully improving your skill as you see how different kinds of news hit the market, till you rise in level of analyst to harder questions of different themes you can control. If you are looking for a fun way to improve your market instincts, StockNewsGame is a way to do it without having to put your savings on the line.

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