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8 Tips for Playing the Stock Market With Your Annuity (Music Edition)

8 Tips for Playing the Stock Market With Your Annuity (Music Edition)

Let’s be honest. The future is looking more and more uncertain. And, that can definitely impact your finances — especially if you have money tied up in the stock market.

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The stock exchange market is relevant to many Germans, X-DAX, L-Down, Dow or the Euro top a list of market reports at You can read about the stock market exchange as it exists in every part of the world. JP Morgan Chase, Micron Technology, Lam Research, Akamai Technology, Fastenal and more top commodity companies are expressed in dollars or Euros or whatever the originating country’s unit of exchange is. At

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Brett Golden And His Team At ChartLabPro Talk Algorithms And No Regrets

Stocks—I don’t own them, I don’t understand them. I hate to admit that, but someday I will take care of both these issues. For those who do have stocks and want to understand them, buy more, or manage them better, than ChartLabPro is definitely a site you should check out.     We caught up with Brett Golden, co-founder and President, and his team to get the scoop on the ChartLabPro “algos.”   First, a little team...

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If you deal with stocks from LSE or London Stock Exchange then may be a site you can use. The ADVFN site offers live share prices in the UK directly from the LSE and eighty other stock markets free of cost. is a useful website because it is a “one-stop shop” which offers information on stocks and shares to investors residing in various countries. On reaching the ADVFN website you will instantly notice a...

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An application for those of you who want to become a force to be reckoned with in the stock market, Vuru can assist you in the process of finding the best stocks to invest in at all times of year. What Vuru does is to take into account your cash flow, your income statement and your balance sheet and applies value investing formulas in order to calculate the intrinsic value of stocks. Vuru can easily determine both the negative and...

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