More – Social Site For Online Traders

  • March 20, 2012

Nundino.comWho said that niche social sites are dead? Not true. They’re as alive as ever. Just give Nundino a try to see what one in full swing looks like. Nundino is an open social community that can be joined by online traders who wish to hone their skills. On this site, they can do that by sharing their trades and seeing what everybody else is sharing. They’ll get to do that in real time, and completely for free.

And as in any other social site, you can follow these users that catch your eye. Nundino makes it very easy to keep a good watch on what more successful traders are doing, so that you can follow in their steps until you have the knowledge and the determination to move ahead on your own

I think we agree that the most remarkable aspect of Nundino is how it turns the long and lonesome process of discovering and researching stocks into something truly social. Nundino takes the concept of community empowered trading where nobody else has taken it before. And by taking such a human approach to the online stock market, it might be all that a newcomer needs to realize buying and selling stocks is nowhere as cold or clinical as it might seem at first.

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More – Easy inventory management

  • December 26, 2011

If your business is about renting assets, like skiing equipment on a mountain resort or bike rentals in a hotel, you must know that keeping track of your equipment may  bring you some hard head aches. strives to solve this hard moments by providing a way to organize your rented equipment in a very easy way.

By subscribing to Cheqroom’s services, you will get a load of stickers on the mail, with printed QR Codes for labeling each piece of your business. The stickers are made in a resisting material which will prevent them from getting ruined by bad weather conditions such as rain, snow, or long sun exposure. When you have your assets labeled, you must only scan the QR codes stuck on them with a webcam or with your smart phone.

gives you a form on their homepage to enter the products details over there. The very simple form provided will let you do it in a very quick way. Once you have the product uploaded and saved on the system, you may add later all the information you want.

By having each item coded, you will be able to keep track of them with all the information concerning your business. For example, when that pair of skis was rented and when it is due to be returned, or the equipment for amplifying a music show, will be available on the Cheqroom cloud. Not only dates is what the service will keep track about, but also its location at any given moment, to control if it is taking long on delivery.

No longer will you have to depend on sheets with annotations, because you scanned everything and saved that information on your account. The service have many different fees according to your needs, but the basic one can be hired for 300? per year.

. The service have many different fees according to your needs, but the basic one can be hired for 300? per year.

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More – Stock Prices Quotes and Charts

  • November 11, 2011

ADVFN.comIf you deal with stocks from LSE or London Stock Exchange then may be a site you can use. The ADVFN site offers live share prices in the UK directly from the LSE and eighty other stock markets free of cost. is a useful website because it is a “one-stop shop” which offers information on stocks and shares to investors residing in various countries. On reaching the ADVFN website you will instantly notice a lot of prices and names of the companies whose stocks are being displayed. Not only this, there is also a section which displays the current rates of currencies and also the changes that took place in the exchange rate of currencies.

Apart from this, visitors to the site can also find a section which is solely dedicated to percent gainers and percent losers in the stock market. Then there is a section of the site which shows the future charts of various commodities like Platinum, Gold, Copper, Silver and Crude Oil. Thus it is very evident from this rich description of the landing page of ADVFN that this website is definitely a treasure house for relevant users.

The ADVFN website offers country specific information and depending on where you are living, you would be redirected to the master webpage pertaining to that country whenever you type “AFVFN” as the domain name. offers master web pages for ten countries, namely UK, US, Australia, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Japan. If you scroll down to the bottom part of the website you will see these ten options given alongside their respective country flags.

The ADVFN website also offers news and free services such as market bulletins issued daily, a whole range of news services, useful charting tools, etc. The website also provides a host of advertising opportunities. Since enjoys more than a hundred thousand unique users each month, advertising on this website may be a potentially lucrative idea.

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More – TD Ameritrade Institutional

  • November 10, 2011

AdvisorServices.comHome to TD Ameritrade Institutional, offers business solutions, innovative technology, brokerage offerings, and advisor resources for financial advisors. The AdvisorServices motto is, “You Focus On Your Clients’ Needs. We’ll Focus On Yours. Anywhere your ambitions lead.” is the advisor login page for TD Ameritrade Institutional. The site also offers links to the TD Ameritrade Institutional homepage, the site’s privacy and security policies, and other AMTD sites. Other links from the site include TD Ameritrade UK, NFA (National Futures Association), SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation), and FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority).

Brokerage Offerings available through AdvisorServices are broken down into several categories, including Trading, Client Services, Execution & Clearing, Quality Execution, Statements & Reports, Management Fee Deduction, and Account Protection. The site also reminders users that efficiency helps to grow a financial advisor’s practice. also provides information about TD Ameritrade Institutional’s technology platform, Veo, which may be able to help advisors streamline their business. Veo Mobile is also available to help advisors stay connected, current, and efficient.

Business Solutions through the advisor portal of include the ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Market Center, Referral Services, Practice Management, Research, Managed Account Solutions, Life Cycle Planning, and Solutions Consulting. The website reminds folks to “read the prospectus carefully before investing.” With managed account solutions, folks may design their own solution or choose from a broad range of third-party managers. According to the Managed Market Solutions Overview in the first quarter of 2011, “there are over $2.1 trillion in managed account solutions assets.”

Additional advisor resources available through the AdvisorServices website include an advisor education kit, information on relevant conferences and events, and advisor testimonials. invites financial advisors to “achieve true independence” with their advisor solutions and support.

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More – Global Power Company

  • November 10, 2011

AES.comThe official website of the AES Corporation,, offers information about this global power company. AES is involved in generating and distributing of sustainable and cost effective energy to twenty seven countries around the world. The website may look very simple and compact but its operation scale is neither. The AES Corporation boasts a workforce of twenty nine thousand employees who are responsible for meeting the ever-changing and demanding power needs of people and companies around the world. Some of the places to which AES supplies energy are North America, Asia, Middle East, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Europe, Latin America and Africa. Thus, the company has its roots in various key markets spread across five continents.

AES enjoys a global presence and it claims to have improved the lives of millions of people worldwide by providing them with sustainable as well as affordable power. The energy generated by the corporation is distributed to accelerate the operations of countless schools, hospitals and corporate organizations the world over. The main motive of the corporation is to help countries as well as communities grow with the help of electric power provided by AES.

Navigation through this website is truly easy because its content is extremely organized. For instance, if you want to know more about the corporation then you simply have to click on the “About us” section. Likewise if you want to find out the corporation’s global reach then the section called “A global presence” on will provide you with in-depth details about the same.

Since AES is quite a successful corporation that enjoys a global presence, a lot of people are interested in buying its stocks in order to make money from their success. If you too are interested in doing the same, then you should visit the website and look for the “investor information” section in order to find out about AES stock prices and other investment information. Folks may also find news about the corporation on the website.

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More – Sell Your Photos

  • June 30, 2011

Photobleep.comIf you are just getting started in the world of photography and you are looking for a secure platform to have your work hosted and sold online, then this startup is a really good alternative. It has just been unveiled by its creator, and it stands as a supple way to have photos hosted and transacted online. People like you (IE, photographers) can have their own content listed online upon creating a free account, and everybody from individual users to photography agencies that are looking for the newest talent will be able to access it. Transactions are ruled by a friendly license that benefits both the person (or agency) which is actually buying the photo, and the original photographer. And Photobleep pays commissions of up to 80 % of the sales conducted through it.

Design-wise, the site adheres to the structure that stock photography sites always observe, what with users being able to see the newest pictures that are part of the catalog at a glance. Yours will be there for a while, too, so be ready to enjoy your moment.

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More – Stocks For You To Invest In

  • March 24, 2011

Vuru.coAn application for those of you who want to become a force to be reckoned with in the stock market, Vuru can assist you in the process of finding the best stocks to invest in at all times of year.

What Vuru does is to take into account your cash flow, your income statement and your balance sheet and applies value investing formulas in order to calculate the intrinsic value of stocks. Vuru can easily determine both the negative and aspects of stocks, and direct your attention to the ones that you should really take a closer look at.

In this way, these stocks that are undervalued can easily be screened, and the best time to invest on anything can be figured out.

Vuru is currently in beta, but the services mentioned above are all fully-functional, and provided to any person who signs up for an account. That is done just by supplying a valid email address and choosing a password.

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More – Screening Covered Calls For You

  • December 10, 2010

BornToSell.comIn case you are not familiar with the concept, covered calls are one of the best investment strategies available. They are easy to get acquainted with and not very risky – industry professionals recognize them as the one conservative investment strategy that uses options. Covered calls imply a buy-write strategy that has the same payoffs as writing a put option (provided an equilibrium between the actual call option and the underlying instrument which is transacted is reached, that is).

Well, Born To Sell is a new website that makes covered calls something understandable and usable by just anybody. The site acts as a screener that any person who already owns stocks can use to identify opportunities and write options, as well as a search engine for already-existing covered calls. As it stands right now, the site will let you search over 150,000 covered calls at once.

And knowing these concepts might be a bit hard to grasp at first, the ones behind this site have come up with a comprehensive tutorial explaining just how to use such calls in order to generate a tangible income much faster.

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More – A Simpler Way To Find Stock Images

  • November 19, 2010

CaptureShot.comThe Internet puts images that are not really free to use into the hands of just anybody. That is quite a situation. Yet, it is not an insoluble one in any way. A search engine like Capture Shot should make everything much easier on everybody.

Capture Shot will enable you to find stock images in a centralized way. Images from multiple sources will be presented to you within one single search results page. And in each and every case, you will be able to read all the copyright information that applies. You will be allowed to pay the necessary fees and then use (or share) the images that you deem as suitable for any project of yours.

Using Capture Shot is as easy as launching a search and then dragging and dropping the selections that you like into the relevant box. These will then become further analyzable on their own, and you will be able to secure their rights in the way that was mentioned above.

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More – Letting You Find The Best Stock Tips

  • October 19, 2010

Stocktipr.comStocktipr is a new networking platform that is based on a very interesting premise: classifying and ranking investors according to the performance of their stock tips. This is accomplished via a proprietary algorithm that can go through stock tips, analyze them and then have them ranked.

The tips that are analyzed are actually submitted by users of the site, and if you become a part of the network you will be able to start following the ones that are more active, and interact with them. And finding out who is who is anything but difficult as a leaderboard is featured on the main page for you to check at a glance.

Also highlighted on the homepage is a list of the hottest tips, and a searchable index of companies. And the tips that have just been posted can be grouped together along with the ones that are completed. Giving these a glance will let you have an even clearer appreciation of the featured tippers, and know them better before deciding to click on the “Follow” button.

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More – An ERP for Small & Medium Businesses

  • September 2, 2010

iWebNotes.comiWebNotes is a very flexible CRM/ERP tool that is available both in browser-based and hosted versions. In each and every case, you are getting an application that integrates a plethora of business functions at the same time.

This means that iWebNotes alone lets you take care of operations that are traditionally done by using several different applications. Accounting, sorting your inventory, tracking your every sale… it all becomes manageable from the same spot. So does providing support to your customers, and all the operations that are connected with HR such as tracking leaves and the handling of salary structures.

Of course, dealing with projects and assigning tasks is an integral part of the whole application. And you will always be able to measure how successful everything it’s turning out to be by analyzing your sales and your gross profit.

When all is said and done, this is a very realized application that moves well beyond the simplicity or related tools. A monthly fee amounting to $ 7 per user is all you will have to pay if you decide to use it, too. There are no set up costs or any additional fees to be paid.

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More – Tracking Your Stocks At All Times

  • August 14, 2010 is the official website of Quote Sentinel, a web based stock monitoring application you can use to monitor your stocks. This application lets you define a critical price change for your stocks, and it alerts you when these stock trades hit your pre-define prices.

Apart from that, this site offers services including stock market notifications and custom stock monitoring, in addition to portfolio management. Would you like to monitor your stocks and maximize your profits? If that is so, and you also want this application to send you a notification by email or simply a text message, might be a good site for you to visit.

To sum up, if you are looking for a service to monitor your stocks and take care of your money, you should keep this site in mind. Remember next time you want to receive instant email notifications or text messages when your stock moves.

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More – Analyzing Financial Sentiment

  • July 29, 2010

Sentigo.comWould you like to get information about finance on the net? On you will be able to take a look at data about the financial market, which includes a market summary and charts. By visiting this website you will be able to find information about stocks, as well as information about business loans.

The services provided by give you the chance to check out financial information, charts and a market summary. In case you are interested in making an investment, on this site you will be able to learn about stocks and finance.

The official website of Sentigo lets you read about how business loans work, as well as to find everything you need to know about the financial market. In conclusion, whenever you need resources and information about finance, and would like to take a look at a market summary, charts, make sure you take a look at

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More – Stock Information On Twitter

  • July 13, 2010

EarningsBuzz.comThis site blends together the stock market and Twitter by displaying tweets concerning these stocks that have earnings release today, yesterday and tomorrow. The objective of the site is to give both those who are knowledgeable and people who are new to it all a ready insight on which options/stocks to buy, at the time in which these are a truly sound and fruitful investment.

And this is made even easier since the website not only aggregates together tweets with stock information, but it also shows the news that can be find through Google concerning each particular stock as well as its chart.

The design of the site is quite functional, with all the earning stocks being displayed on the right-hand side of the main screen, and a window for displaying either stocks or options on the left side.

At the end of the day, if we were to look at a perfect match for something as dynamic as the stock market then we would be hard-pressed to find something more suitable than Twitter. This site exemplifies that, and if you are even remotely interested in stocks you should pay it a visit now.

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More – Mobile Platform For Stock Promoters

  • April 1, 2010

TextMeStocks.comText Me Stocks is a new mobile platform that is aimed at stock promoters. Using it, any such individual can send out an unlimited number of mobile advertising text messages to as many investors as he might want.

Think of it as an instant marketing platform for investors and you will have a spot-on understanding of it all.

The advantages that something like this has revolve around one main thing: readability. Mobile messages are characterized by having a higher read rate than emails. And a SMS is a more personalized way to engage anybody. It gives the illusion of being more personalized than a bulk email, and it certainly is more personalized than radio or TV. And that can only translate into a bigger degree of involvement in due time.

Besides, the fact that investors are the ones who request to join your mobile campaign to begin with goes into ensuring that you are not invading his privacy in any sense. He can also choose to receive only the current message, or the current message and future updates too.

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More – For Those Keen On The Financial World

  • February 17, 2010

Finance30.comFinance 3.0 is a new social site that will cater for every person who is even remotely interested in the financial world – newcomers will be provided a ready chance to learn from those who are more knowledgeable, whereas those who are already finance professionals or investors will have the opportunity to further their careers by making the right connections.

The website itself is subdivided in a host of categories, and these include not only boards for discussion and an overall collection of resources (including software that could be understood by anybody) but also videos and a section named “Answers” that will let you put an end to specific queries right on the spot.

Besides, a “Jobs” category lists positions within the industry whereas those who wish to hone their skills can check the part of the site that is named “Training”.

The site, then, aims to position itself in the very point where corporate finance and financial education intersect and provide every person who is receptive with the knowledge and the contacts to go forwards. If you think that definition applies to you, just give it a look – no matter your level of expertise, there is bound to be something to suit your needs here.

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More – For Budding Stock Market Analysts

  • September 11, 2009

Zoodak.comWhat a game by the guys of Zoodak! This is an attractive new product that might catch the attention of many users that like to play different games and are also attracted to anything related to the Exchange Market. In essence, this game could be defined as a fantasy stock trading, and you can play it in order to make fantasy market analyses and social networking. In this way you will have the chance to trade stocks or become an analyst if you want. In addition to this, you will be also able to build a network so you can try to win a number of tournaments and make some money.

This will be a good way for you to make stock calculations and make money based on your accuracy. In case you are interested in this site and game you need to learn how to play it and you will have the chance to find all the information you need to get started at This information includes how to be a ZooTrader and a ZooAnalyst as well as all you need to know about the prizes, terms and rules for the site.

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More – Blue Book Values For More Then Cars

  • May 26, 2009

The website was created by Blue Book Publications Inc. to give you descriptive handbooks, manuals and catalogs you will find very useful. Then, if you are looking for catalogs and handbooks, you can visit to learn about different topics ranging from antiques to gun values and much more.

No matter if you want to get information on used car value, book value, or gun value, you can visit and discover the different value guides provided . What is more, you will be able to learn about antiques, gun values and guitars, based on detailed catalogs and handbooks you can buy online. Would you like to buy Blue Book value guides? Then, this website might be worth a try.

Therefore, if you are looking for descriptive handbooks, manuals and catalogs, this could be an interesting option for you to consider. Remember next time you want to buy value guides.

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More – Stock Market Data

  • April 23, 2009

SlidingMarket.comSlidingMarket simply predicts the way the stock market behaves. This is not a simple task, but it still is a very handy resource for people who want to know the direction the stock market is heading in.

This online solution uses automated systems in order to compare what stock investors are feeling, in addition to stats on the economy and general live data to get its results.

SlidingMarket is a brand new website that was created by Daniel Clarke, who is a freelance programmer from the United Kingdom. The idea behind SlidingMarket is to bring a way for everyday people to understand the direction the stock market is going.

It is very common to see people that do not know the way the financial market work. This site provides a new way for these people to learn about it. The system uses the financial data from all the world’s markets in order to provide users with a method to detect the way investors feel.

All the information you can find on this site is very clear and easy to understand, therefore if you are thinking about investing some money or you want to learn more about the general economy.

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More – All About Investing In Stocks

  • April 21, 2009

MoneyTalkBlog.comHave you ever listened to the song “If I Had A Million Dollars” by the terrific Canadian band named Barenaked Ladies? I mean, have you actually sat down and thought what would you do if you had that kind of money? Of course, the economy is currently so weak that sitting down to ponder on that seems almost pointless. On the other hand, every action causes a reaction, and when the chips are down the way they are now different portals dealing with ways to handle your finances always emerge.

That is what happens with the blog that is being reviewed right now. It is found at, and it is packed with information as regards investing in stocks.

One of the most interesting sections of this blog is the one named “Quick Buck”, as there the blogger provides his insight on stocks that are going to be valued at a certain amount the next week.

Moreover, there is a section named “General” where the latest news on the financial world are brought to the fore. Success stories are thankfully featured among the doom and gloom, and these act as fine motivational resources.

While it is obviously not going to make you Mr. Money Bags overnight, this blog is certainly useful and I bet many people will take a linking to it. If you think that applies to you, just give it a try and see how you can best employ the knowledge that can be found therein.

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