More – A Social Network For Drinkers

  • August 4, 2010

StirTheMix.comStir The Mix is a social networking site for people who share a passion for alcoholic drinks. The site aims to let them connect and discover new beers and wines in a way that is only possible when people from all over the world start interacting among themselves.

The full family of featured drinks is as comprehensive as you could imagine, with categories such as “Brandy”, “Cider” and “Liqueur” attracting a lot of attention. And so do the ones named “Home-made Distilled Spirits” and “Local Fermented Beverages”.

The site also includes quizzes and galleries (whose content is submitted by users, of course). As a matter of fact, so much alcoholic knowledge is swapped on the site that it is fair to say that the site’s every user will have the necessary knowledge for starting a bar of his own.

But judging from the messages that are posted on the site’s feed, members of the network are happy enough just standing on the other side of the counter and having a good time.

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