More – Clone brand-name food

  • November 20, 2007

Topsecretrecipes.comWant to know what is into Coke? How can you ever achieve crispy French fries like McDonald’s? Then there are two bits of good news for you: First being you are not alone, as this guy called Todd Wilbur is a professional food cloner, that is, he spends lots of his waking time experimenting in his kitchen to reproduce the flavour of brand-name or rather brand-taste foods which we all love. Second good news is that just by clicking on his site, you can get all the dirt and step-by-step instructions, without wasting time, money or ingredients, since all of the published content has been previously well… cooked by someone.

Some of the recipes are available for free, and in order to read some of them you will have to pay 79 cents. A real cool feature is that there is one secret recipe featured every week, so you can digg this site a piacere, and have time enough to make your own experiments at home while waiting for the next secret formula… Don’t miss mouth-watering stuff like Krispy Kreme® Original Glazed Doughnuts or M&M/Mars® Snickers® Munch Bar®, to name a few.

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