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  • April 9, 2008

LinoIt.comSticky notes, they’re one of the most ingenious inventions of all time. Now Lino, a company based out of Japan, has taken your common sticky, and revolutionized them for your computer.

What you get are flexible and stylish stickies which are accessed via a virtual canvas, or bulletin board. Your Lino notes can be made up of simple to do lists, reminders, or even photos—there are three sticky note types: colored, transparent, and the picture sticky. You can add due dates on stickies with deadlines; these will be displayed on your mini calendar at the bottom of your canvas. You’ll also get an email reminding you of all tasks ‘due today’. Stickies may be sent to friends with whom you can also share your canvas to create a collaborative board; each user’s stickies are marked by personal icons, so you’ll know who posted what. Stickies that you’re done can be peeled off and you can create a separate canvas for storing removed stickies. Take a look at the popular canvases to get a better idea of just what Lino has in store.

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  • May 7, 2007

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