More – A Social Radio That You Can Tune Into

  • November 3, 2009

Stereo8.comEver wonder what would a social radio sound like on the World Wide Web? If you do, then this website is going to fill you in quite splendidly. As they put it themselves on the site, it is an “Internet radio with a twist” since the listeners not only choose what is going to be played but also share it among themselves.

The site is already taking shape with a “Listen From Your Browser” functionality in place and full working order, whereas a “Listen From Your Desktop” option is going to be implemented soon.

If you pay the website a visit now, then, you will be able to have your pick from different genres such as “Hip Hop/Rap”, “Rock” and “Pop/Hits” (I had never come across the latter, by the way). On the other hand a “Video Games” section lets you listen to the songs from these games you immerse in it with your pals.

On the whole, an interesting initiative. If you want to let the world at large know which ones are the songs that (to you) will go down in history, this is your chance to do that, and wake up the neighbors in the process.

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