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  • September 4, 2009

LindebladPiano.comVintage Pianos are great musical instruments. Most of them are precious because of their amazing sound.

This website was developed with the intention to provide you with accurate information that will be useful to be educated about vintage pianos and their real value. is the site where you will get an accurate and inclusive notion of the quality and history of vintage pianos and why some pianos are so significant to their owners and deserve to be restored. In case you want to find an interesting amount of data you can get through videos and interactive tours this site will provide you with it in a very simple way. Therefore, you will be able to have access to an overview of how a piano is restored with an extensive description of the components that make it up.

There are about 100 vintage pianos you can acquire on this site, and they can actually be delivered anywhere in the world. There are some great tools you will really enjoy if you are a piano enthusiast. Among these tools you will find a 3D Interactive Piano Model, as well as an interactive Restoration Tour of a 1927 Grand piano, in addition to 3D Animation of a piano being pieced together.

If you like vintage pianos feel free to take a look at some cool videos about the company at

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More – Find All Kinds Of Pianos

  • June 30, 2008

Cheap-pianos.comAre you a piano player? Do you want your kid to learn how to play it? If you love the sound of a good piano and want to buy one, you have reached the right place. This website is an online store dedicated to selling high-quality pianos.

In the site you will find some of the best known piano makers for you to buy. Are you interested in selling yours? Check out the selling page. What’s this store name? is the site I am talking about. As the website’s name indicates, it offers great pianos at affordable prices. Why not taking a look at them? You will be able to view the models, the brands, some pictures, and the year they were made. How much would you pay for an 1896 Steinway? I mean an original 1896 Steinway in a terrific condition. It’s a museum piece, isn’t it? Now you can have it at home for only $21,000. There is still much more to see at

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