More – Arranging The Perfect Travel

  • June 16, 2010

Stay.comIn a nutshell, is a site that will let you minutely plan a travel by creating a guide that can ten be shared with everybody.

Guides are created in a really easy way, as all you have to do is pick your city from the ones that are offered and then include the activities that you want to become involved with such as sightseeing, shopping or eating by adding museums, restaurants and so on.

Upon being created, these guides become automatically available for other people to download and to have as a point of reference if they don’t fancy coming up with their own. Guides are 100 % printer-friendly, too.

The site currently supports some 50 cities spread throughout the globe, including metropolises such as New York, London and Paris. The five continents are already taken into account. If you couple this comprehensiveness with the truly memorable domain name and the overall ease-of-use then you have the ingredients for a mildly successful site at the very least. Let’s see if it can effectively strike a chord with those who try it, now.

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More – Now It is Easier To Pack Your Bags

  • March 8, 2010

SuiteArrival.comI recall a cartoon I read as child in which the character was leaving for the airport, and upon getting on the cab he instructed the driver to go around the block three times before setting off. When the taxi driver asked him what for, the traveler simply replied “Because I want to remember all these things that I forgot to pack”.

If you think that there must be a better way to deal with that (recurrent) concern, then join the club. You can also give this recently-launched service a look and see if it can let you have a more relaxed traveling experience overall.

In general words, Suite Arrival is a service whereby you can build something comparable to a personal travel kit that you will have delivered and waiting for you when you get to your hotel. That will let you dispense with packing essentials such as toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and razors. Not every hotel provides these by default, and there is nothing worse than having to go and hunt for them when you are jet-lagged beyond belief.

If you think of that, the whole concept is all the more enticing. It won’t radically modify the way you travel, but it will give you just that little more breathing space to let you enjoy your stay.

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More – A Tool For Booking Hotel Rooms Online

  • December 18, 2009

HotelMap.comHotel Map is a brand new tool for taking care of hotel bookings. In fact, it is so new that for the time being it is circumscribed to London.

Still, the service is quite promising as it stands, and it is a good idea to cover it since its spread might be imminent.

Essentially, it lets any hotel owner add his venue to the existing map in order to promote it, and when doing so he can also add information such as related points of interest which are found nearby.

The user inputs his search and if that particular hotel is part of the database he will be able to make a booking right though the site. As it was mentioned above, when a search is carried out the provided draggable map also displays additional points of interest such as car parks and stations. Cultural events like classical music concerts and plays are equally highlighted.

As far as booking is concerned, Hotel Map connects directly to each hotel’s own reservation system, and the prototypical information such as check in and check out dates has to be provided.

The interface is very appealing, and I really like the way events that are taking place next to each featured location are highlighted. In practice, it means that if you are staying someplace just because you went to meet up with a friend it is very easy to see what active spots are located nearby in a fell swoop – no need to check elsewhere.

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More – Paris Vacation Rentals

  • November 13, 2009

If you and your wife are thinking of having a second honeymoon to rekindle your relationship, then a Parisian vacation is what you need. And putting one together is easy when you can use a site like this one. belongs to a Parisian company that rents properties located on the Ile Saint Louis and the Notre Dame Cathedral areas. These are undoubtedly some of the prime locations in what’s one of the most romantic spots in the world, and in addition to letting you find a place to stay in the City of Lightsthis company also provides full concierge services.

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More – Staying Fit Wherever You Are

  • April 6, 2009

FitFindr.comFitFindr can be termed a new service that is aimed at those at looking for fitness and sports groups in their close vicinity. It can’t be denied that having someone to exercise with is not only more enjoyable but also a good practice from a motivational point of view.

The full list of featured groups ranges far and wide. These even include martial arts and yoga along with the ones that were to be expected like running, basketball and football.

Of course, in addition to joining groups that have been created by others you can create a group of your own in the event that the place you live in is underrepresented, or if you want to take the first step towards promoting any given activity.

Summing up, a very nice resource that will break down any barrier or excuse that you might have as regards training and getting in shape. Now that the weather is starting to shine upon us, this site will let you get in touch with nature, socialize, and shape up at the same time. And that is certainly commendable.

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More – Stay Healthy & In Shape

  • October 7, 2008

Mikibo is a free web-based service that provides its users with the information and resources for getting fit and staying healthy. Some of the most remarkable tools on offer include a chart for recording fat and calorie intake, and see your progress when it comes to losing weight and a food database that touches on more than 11,000 foods and their nutritional value.

Moreover, an exercise database is included and it can be used to automatically calculate the calories you burn by doing different activities.

The site also comes complete with a nutrient intake record which will let you check if you are meeting the daily requirements for staying healthy, and a collection of articles that can be read offline and printed for additional convenience.

Guidance is also provided via the featured support groups. These deal not only with weight loss but also with topics such as quitting smoking and running and cycling. What’s more, you can sign up for a personalized training plan that can take into account specific outcome objectives like getting in shape for the summer.

As you can see, this site stands as a comprehensive online resource that will enable anybody to get in shape straightaway. Consider paying it a visit if you are interested in finding more about staying fit and healthy.

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More – Latin America Travel Specialist

  • July 8, 2008

ExitoTravel.comAt you will find lots of first-hand advice on traveling in Latin America.

Their focus on this area of the world means that you can find and book fares on their website at prices that you will not find anywhere else. Their staff can help you find deals on multi-stop, extended stay, group travel, flights within Latin America, and fares from Latin America to the US that you won’t find in any other airfare sites. You can learn more about this website’s content by browsing the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Book a Flight, Destinations, Travel Resources, About Us, and Contact Us. At the left hand side you will find a section that includes some dropdown boxes in which by entering the departure and the destination information, and the number of passengers you will access to list with all the flights available for that description.

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More – Information About The Philippines

  • July 1, 2008

ph provides general and touristic information about the Philippines. This country is made up of more than 7000 islands covering a land area of 115,739 square meters. The Filipino is basically of Malay stock with a sprinkling of Chinese, American, Spanish, and Arab blood. From a long history of Western colonial rule, interspersed with the visits of merchants and traders, the Philippines has evolved as a people of a unique blend of east and west, both in appearance and culture. The Philippine food is indigenous food from land and sea, field and forest. Its dishes are culinary procedures from China, Spain, Mexico, and the United States. You can browse the site by its many categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are: Discover Philippines, More than the Usual, Great Hideaways, Explore Philippines, Calendar of Events, and News and Releases. Find information about how to get to the most interesting places, where to stay, travel tips, and places to visit.

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More – Indian Point Resorts

  • June 23, 2008

IndianPoint.comIndian Points Resorts is a company that offers three different places where you will be able to select form and enjoy your next vacation in, the Indian Point Lodge, the Trail’s End Resort and RV Park and the Eagle’s View Cottages. All of these are located Branson, Missouri.

They offer pools, playgrounds, access to the lake, boat rentals and much more. In this site you will be able to find all the information you need to know on the Indian Point Resorts and what they have to offer as well. If you are interested and enjoy fishing, The Table Rock Lake and having a fun when in vacation, then these resorts may provide you with what you are looking for. In this site you will be able to make online reservations if you wish to, find special offers, vacation packages and lots of information on the resort’s amenities. The fishing report is available as well as information on Branson, the lake, the Silver Dollar City and much more.

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More – Guide To Day And Stay Spas

  • May 13, 2008 directory of day spas, stay spas and wellness services in 39 countries.

Apart from this it offers many recipes for healthy cuisine and more. In this site you can find all the information you need to know on the site itself and all the services they provide. In the Find Day Spas section you can enter the country in which you are in, your state, city and a list of all the available spas in the area will appear where you can read about them and find the one that you like the most. Each spa promoted ion this site has a link to its official site for further information. In the Find Stay Spas section you can proceed in the same way as the previous section mentioned above to find a spa that you like the most to stay and benefit from. In the Specialty Spas section you will find a guide to spas which contain special programs such as weight loss, smoking cessation, pre-natal, massage, afternoon tea, yoga and much more. You can select the program you prefer from a list and then select among the spas offering the program you selected the one you prefer the most. There is also a section on Featured Spas, Specials and much more to inform and allow you to make the best decision.

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More – A Place To Stay

  • March 4, 2008

ValuePlace.comWhen you are away from home and you need a place to stay, think of, This site belongs to a national extended hotel chain that provides a comfortable stay for you at low prices.

They make sure that you have a very peaceful and comfortable stay when ever you need it. You can make reservations at any time, either by phone or online at the website. Value place has a very large range of states on which they are situated, you can find see this on the map provided in the web page so that you know where you can make the reservation. The site also offers a basecamp blog that gives out information on ideas for vacation, new places opening up across the country, and even you can leave your comment. They make it pleasant, secure, peaceful, and comfortable, what else can you ask for, this is a good place to stay when you are away from home.

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More – Extended Stay Hotels

  • February 27, 2008

Hawthorn.comAre you looking for the perfect hotel where you can live while your new house is being remodel? Are you taking a training course in the other side of the country? And you are looking for the best balance between quality and price? Then you should take a look at the Hawthorn Suite web page. On this site you will find all the information you need to know before deciding where you will live for a while.

You can find this type of hotels all across the country and in a big number of different cities. To find out which will be the best offer for you all you have to do is fill in a chart with what you are looking for, such as state, city and dates. After you have done so, this web page will show you which are the best options for you and you can even book a room right from this site.

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More – Extended Stay Hotels

  • February 19, 2008

Homesteadhotels.comHave you just sold your house but your new home is not quiet ready? Do you need a place where you can stay but that is not very expensive? Then the chances are that you might want to take a look at the Extended Stead Hotels web page. On this site you will find all the information you will need to know about how to find the perfect place where to calmly and at a low price expend those agitated weeks.

This web page is also very useful to people who are planning to spend a long period of time away from home and need a place where to stay. On this web page you will locate the best deal for you, the perfect location at the best price. You can search for it by just filling in a chart with your preference and the site will show you what your options are. This company works with a few hotel brands and will guarantee you the best deals!

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