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More – Statin Drugs Side Effects

  • March 4, 2008

SpaceDoc.netIn you can get Duane’s Graveline book in order to investigate the side effects attributed to statin drug use.

You will be able to learn that cholesterol is a very important component of our body; all of our cells are cholesterol based, but too much of this cholesterol is what causes disease and that’s what leads to heart disease and vascular disease. Statin drugs are used to lower the amount of cholesterol and certain fats in the blood; it inhibits a key enzyme that helps make cholesterol. Statin drugs are being studied in the prevention and treatment of cancer. In this book Duane Graveline reveals the importance of cholesterol for proper brain function and memory, and in rare cases serious muscle damage. This book guides you through the statin drugs, how to use them and when, their side effects and warning signs. So enter this site, get Duane’s book and start learning a lot from it!

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