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  • April 21, 2008 is a site which offers many services to the community.

Operating within a Nevada foundation named the corporation of with great jeopardy and rivalry. With many sectors, such as the FMA, standing for the Freaks Macintosh Archives, which offers all Mac users to converse about the underground, being the FMA the worldwide largest hacking and security documentation. A piece, where the domination of music, information and among others hacking, are within the Miss Turtle’s Shell sector. Presenting the more distinctively, this site offers security in great scale the Macintosh Security Program protecting it from bugs, hacks and more. Introducing as well, many different centers for discussion on different subjects, such as cell phone ring tones, logos, software, brands, hacks, etc. Other debates for drummers, for them to discuss about drum beats and kits, being this the largest community for drummers. As for coffee drinkers, it also has a forum, teaching about all kinds of coffee, its beans and the espresso.

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