More – Find A Job Using Your Connections

  • March 21, 2011

StartWire.comStartWire makes looking for a job an experience that is not only faster but also far more focused than it ever was before. The basic premise of this site is to let you find jobs based not only on who you are and your qualifications, but also by leveraging the contacts that you already have.

Users of StartWire are enabled to ask the ones in their professional circles for referrals and advice for any position that they are considering applying to. In this way, they are enabled to get inside connections that would be either hard or downright impossible to get otherwise.

The process in which assistance is requested is certainly dynamic, with users filling out a small card detailing the job their have in mind, and specifying what they need help with. They can ask for some advice or for a referral with the same ease and practicality. And automatic updates are delivered for every single position a user of the site applies to.

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