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  • October 23, 2007

DreamFace-Interactive.comDreamFaceInteractive has jumped into the 2.0 do-it-yourself app making market.

Like Zoho and Dabble, the site is mainly catering to business men, and enterprises, lowering the barriers and allowing these non-progammers to construct their own widgets and apps (mashups, startpages, SOA) when they need them. What they offer: dual licensed products i.e. the open source Community Edition, and the commercially licensed Enterprise Edition. The former is a free, downloadable version of DreamFace which has all the features with no restrictions. The Enterprise Edition includes features for securing the highest levels of security, reliability and uptime. Both offer WebChannels, a user-friendly dashboard to manage both personal info and tools, a widget platform, a personalization engine, WYSIWYG screen and workflow designers, and customization options galore.

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