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  • May 29, 2008

Strangeling.comJasmine Becket-Griffith (or “Strangeling”, as she is known as in artistic circles) specializes in fairy, gothic and fantasy art. Her official website can be found at Strangeling.

com, and it offers a comprehensive collection of her works. The different pieces that can be viewed online are arranged by category to make browsing easier. These include fairy art galleries, along with occult & Pagan art pages. Likewise, galleries that collect works inspired by fictions such as Alice In Wonderland are provided. The list of Jasmine’s original artwork for sale can be checked online, as well as the giant posters which can be bought at and that are based on her designs. Moreover, there is information on books that feature her art, as well as statues and tattoos that are based on her designs. There is information on public appearances at art conventions and shows. A journal is provided, and those who wish to learn more about Jasmine are certainly going to relish browsing through its pages.

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