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  • June 23, 2008

Stargazing.netA visit to the Stargazing Network is the order of the day for astronomy aficionados. The site stands as a portal that lets the visitor access a wide number of astronomy sites and clubs on the web.

A table of contents allows the visitor to browse through the available collection of links. Notable links include web pages for meteors observers as well as urban astronomy sites and astronomical societies that span the whole of the territory of the United States. Furthermore, weather information is conveniently accessed by following the provided link. In addition to that, the Stargazing Network offers free hosting for astronomy sites, but proof of the club’s existence has to be furnished. On the other hand, a blog is featured. Although it is not updated very frequently, it lets users post and read commentaries. A Mini-FAQ is featured as well, and it explains how to upload files along with other technical considerations.

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More – Surf the Stars

  • April 29, 2008 people at Neave have released a new online planetarium that allows anyone to gaze at the stars, click on them, and find out basic information like the star’s name and location. Best of all, no download is required and you can start your stargazing adventure immediately.

Other options available on this smooth application include the ability to change time, date and location. Orient your search through easy to click directional indicators and then surf around by simply moving the mouse wherever you’d like to go. For anyone interested in seeing what is up in the sky, this is the fastest option and won’t require time-consuming downloads.

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