More – Nailers, Staplers And Fasteners

  • April 19, 2008

Senco.comIf that band of yours is planning to do some serious 80’s music, you’ll need to staple notices to local trees announcing your shows, and if you are going to staple things, you should probably take a look at this site, home for Senco, a manufacturer of air-powered nailers, staplers and fasteners for home, building and industrial needs. By visiting this site, users can explore the PDF format (!) catalogue of the company’s products divided into the different uses one can give to the staplers and fasteners.

You can’t buy equipment or accessories directly from the site, though you can read extensively on them, and once you’ve decided on the equipment that’s right for you, use the dealer locator tool available from the site to find an authorized retailer or repair service in your area by typing in your zip code or selecting your city. As is the case with most other tools and appliances manufacturers, carries all of it users manuals and very detailed specs on all of its products, which you can inspect at leisure. What’s probably the most useful bit about this site is the extra information it provides on safety and building codes, which is always timely for professional builders and also for the DIY crowd.

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