More – A New Way To Collect Cards

  • April 16, 2010

Stampii.comCard collectors will really take a liking to this site, as it offers them the digital equivalent to collecting these items that they treasure in the real world, These are called stampii, and I guess the name arises from some sort of confusion between the words “card” and “stamp” – the word in Spanish (the language spoken by the ones responsible for this startup) is “cromo”, and I think the most direct natural equivalent in English is “card”. Yet, the name “stampii” is far catchier than “cardii” so that’s just fine.

These stampii are singled out by their multimedia capabilities – each one gives you access to videos, photos and comments that you can access from anywhere. You can have your on collection of cards synchronized in your mobile and your computer at the same time, too.

The site (which has just launched) is certainly well-arranged, with support for major social sites provided – the hot dogs of the moment like Twitter and Facebook are augmented by YouTube and Flickr.

Personally, I am always keener on physical collectibles but I know that is just me. This service is perfectly suited to our modern times, and I am sure that more than a few individuals will feel inclined to take a more detailed look.

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