More – Find Where Pictures Were Taken

  • January 18, 2011

Stalkeame.comNot even a true globetrotter could place half the pictures that are uploaded to TwitPic on an hour alone. It is not just a matter of volume – it is also a question of remoteness. People from just any corner of the world can upload their images to TwitPic. Nobody could have such a wide vision of the world.

Yet, a service like Stalkeame can. This web application can take care of analyzing the EXIF data of any picture that gets uploaded to TwitPic, and then have a map displayed showcasing the exact location where the photo has been taken. In this way, you will be able to figure out exactly where the person who has taken the photo was standing at.

For the time being, Stalkeame works only with TwitPic (and it scans only the latest 200 images that have been uploaded at that). According to the reception it receives, the service might eventually be expanded, and support for other photo sharing applications like Yfrog and Plixi be implemented.

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