More – Staffing Events Just Got Simple

  • October 29, 2009

StaffReservations.comThis is a new resource which is aimed at two types of individuals: travel directors and event planners. The idea is to bring them closer and make the staging of events a much suppler task.

The former can keep a schedule in good working order whereas the latter will be capable of realizing who is available to work in the events that they will host.

Users create a profile at no cost. Travel directors come up with a profile page which lists availability, and planners can learn everything about them right on the spot. For its part, events are created and (obviously) promoted by sharing them right from the site, so that the ones looking for a gig will find them at a mere glance.

At the end of the day, anything that lets people land a job in today’s volatile market is intrinsically attractive. And since the site is wholly free to use and very simple to get to grips with, it is all the more appealing. Give it a look at the provided address and see if it is in your same wavelength.

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